How can I finance my degree?

Fees of €149 are charged every semester to study at Furtwangen University. This includes a Student Services Fee of €66, an Administration Fee of €70 and Student Union Contribution of €13 (as of Winter Semester 2023/24).
HFU does not charge tuition fees for bachelor's programmes for EU citizens. Most Master's programmes are also tuition-free. For non-EU citizens, tuition fees of €1,500/semester are charged. For a second degree, fees of €650/semester are charged. More information can be found under tuition fees

The average cost of living during your studies is €800/month (incl. rent, travelling expenses, food, clothing, learning materials, medical insurance, telephone, internet, radio and TV licence and freetime expenses).

There are various ways to finance your studies, for example through your parents, through a part-time job, with a government BAföG grant, or with student loans, scholarships or welfare benefits. In addition, there are some reductions for students. Often studies are financed through a combination of the above.