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Bachelor's degree programmes

Application deadline for all bachelor's degree programmes is:

    20 August for upcoming winter semester* 
    15 January for upcoming summer semester.

* Exception: International Business Management (IBM): 15 April for applicants with non-EU citizenship and stateless applicants

The dates given are deadlines. Applications which arrive at Furtwangen University after these dates will not be processed. If there are still places available after the deadline, applications can normally be submitted until the start of lectures.

There are no special regulations for applicants who have taken a gap year.

Application Document for Physiotherapy in Winter Semester 2020/21

Please do not apply for your certificate of good conduct from the police until you have received and accepted an offer for Physiotherapy.

You can submit your certificate of good conduct to the Examinations Office in Furtwangen until the deadline of 13 October 2020. Please note, this deadline is only valid for the Winter Semester 2020/21.

Master's degree programmes

The deadlines for master's degree programmes are:

For the Winter Semester

15 May: Biomedical Engineering; non-EU applicants for International Management; non-EU applicants for Precision Medicine Diagnostics; Smart Systems

1 June: non-EU applicants for International Business Management

15 July: Business Application Architectures; Computer Science; EU applicants for International Business Management; EU applicants for International Management; Medical Devices and Healthcare Management; Mobile Systems; Sales and Service Engineering; Reliability and Safety Engineering

For the Summer Semester

15 October: Business Consulting   

15 January: Business Application Architectures; Computer Science; Executive Master of International Business Management; Mobile Systems; Risk, Reliability and Safety Engineering

When can I apply?

Online application for the bachelor's study programmes is opened approximately 10 weeks before the application deadline:

    for the upcoming winter semester from April/May and
    for the upcoming summer semester from October of the previous year

If the application is submitted early, you will receive an acknowledgement which confirms your application details. You will also be informed about any missing documents so that you can provide these before the final deadline.

Application for Master's programmes is always carried out by filling in the forms available on the webpages of the relevant programme.

I don't have my final grades certificate for the school and practical part of the "Fachhochschulreife" yet. Can I apply anyway?

If you have left the Gymnasium in the "Oberstufe" with the academic part of the "Fachhochschulreife", and you submit the practical part of the "Fachhochschulreife" by the application deadline, you may apply. Please have the certificate for both the academic and practical parts of the "Fachhochschulreife" with you to show when you enrol.

I don't have my university entrance qualification certificate yet. Can I still apply?

If you have finished all your exams, you can apply with a preliminary certificate. You will get this from your high school.
Admission on the basis of a preliminary certificate is possible, but the University must have the official university entrance qualification certificates at latest by the time you enroll (matriculate).