HFU Local Ethics Commission

Upon request, the local Ethics Commission of Furtwangen University assesses and examines research proposals which involve people, with regard to ethical tenability and human dignity, and issues a related statement. This can only be carried out for the thesis work and course projects of HFU students, in particular research in which questionnaires, tests and the observation of testers is carried out. Students should submit a request together with their supervisor.

Medical or pharmacological research projects which fall under the regulations of the Drugs or Medical Devices Act are excluded from such tests, however this does not include projects in the area of epidemiology and health sciences.

All academics are required to observe ethical norms and regulations at all times. There is however no standard requirement to submit an application to the local Ethics Commission at HFU, although ethical assessments are often a requirement of third party funding providers and publication organs. The local HFU Ethics Commission is available to assist researchers on a consultation basis.

Assessment of applications

The ethical assessment of applications is carried out in accordance with the general guidelines of the German Society for Psychology (DGPs) and the German Society for Nursing Research, as these cover the important areas clearly and concisely and, furthermore, are recognized in the scientific field. The first step in the application is for each applicant to complete a brief basis questionnaire. If all questions are answered with "No", no further application is required and the Ethics Commission will confirm that the project has a clean ethical bill of health within a few days. If at least one question is answered with "Yes", the application must be examined in detail and therefore a detailed application is necessary.

One member of the Ethics Commission is responsible for the processing of detailed applications, although at least 2 other members will be involved in the assessment. All members of the Commission are academics with the relevant expertise and experience. The Ethics Commission will reach a decision based on their assessment and will make this decision known to the applicant in a reasoned statement. The whole process from submission of the application until the decision is given, generally takes 4 weeks.

Further information for students and HFU staff on the submission of applications can be found on FELIX (Login necessary) or by sending an email to: ethikkommission(at)hs-furtwangen.de.

Contact persons

Chairman of the Local Ethics Commission
Prof. Dr. Folker Wenzel

Deputy Chairman of the Local Ethics Commission
Prof. Dr. Peter König

Prof. Dr. Gerrit Horstmeier
Märit Kaasch, Pfarrerin und Hochschulseelsorge
Prof. Dr. Dirk Koschützki
Prof. Dr. Markus Niemann
Prof. Dr. Birgit Reime
Prof. Dr. Robert Richter
Prof. Dr. Kirsten Steinhausen

Substitute members
Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Deigner
Elmar Enssle, OStR i.R.
Prof. Dr. Gerd Haimerl
Markus Hartnagel, Jurist
Prof. Dr. Matthias Kohl
Prof. Dr. Katja Kumle
Prof. Dr. Christophe Kunze
Prof. Dr. Christian Weidmann

The term of office of the Ethics Commission is 2 years beginning on 1 September of any given year.