Importing HFU calendar into your own calender software

If you have a digital calendar such as Outlook or Google, in a few simple steps you can import the HFU calendar to stay up-to-date.

HFU Webmail

  1. Copy the following link:
  2. Open Webmail and switch to "Calendar" view.
  3. Click on the plus symbol beside "Web Calendar" and paste the copied link into the field.
  4. Confirm by clicking on "OK".
  5. The HFU calendar will now be shown.


  • Switch to the "Calendar" module of Outlook
  • Under "Kalender" click on "Start"
  • Right-click with your mouse on "Meine Kalender"
  • Under "Kalender hinzufügen" select "Aus dem Internet…"
  • Enter the following address:
    (Please note: the "https://" must also be entered)
  • Confirm the security question "Möchten Sie diesen Internetkalender Outlook hinzufügen und Änderungen abonnieren?" by clicking on "Ja"
  • In the Outlook Calendar there is now a separate HFU calendar which must be renamed. This is automatically updated when Outlook is connected with the internet.

Google calender

  • Click on "Kalender importieren" in your Google calendar.
  • Click on "Datei auswählen" and select the HFU-ical file from:
  • Click on "Öffnen".
  • Select the Google calendar into which you want to import your HFU dates and click on "Importieren".