HFU Graduate School

The HFU Graduate School is a central academic body of the University set up to promote and qualify HFU doctoral candidates taking a PhD in cooperation with authorized institutions both within Germany and abroad. It aims to improve the research and working conditions of PhD students at HFU. The HFU Graduate School is an interdisciplinary coordinating body for all doctoral work at HFU supporting those interested in taking a PhD, doctoral candidates and supervising professors.

The HFU Graduate School offers outstanding students the opportunity to be part of a doctoral support programme which will prepare them for future careers in academia or the business world. Interdisciplinary academic and professional key skills are taught, ensuring that our doctoral candidates are qualified above and beyond their specialized knowledge and thus able to utilize their academic insights in a broader context and be able to describe them clearly and responsibly. The programme will improve PhD students' opportunities of being able to apply the academic knowledge and skills they have gained in key positions in the working world, whether in research, teaching or business.

The HFU Graduate School also supports and advises the University in the development of quality standards for the selection and supervision of doctoral candidates, to ensure the success of the doctoral process for all concerned.

Our services

  • Advice for those interested in doing a doctorate degree
  • Interdisciplinary qualification initiatives particularly for doctoral candidates
  • Individual counselling on taking a PhD, on the procedures to be followed, on the structure of the doctoral process, the combination of work, family and PhD work and on financial options
  • Travel cost subsidies for travel to the cooperation institution within Germany and abroad
  • Subsidies for costs of participation in congresses connected with PhD work
  • Network forum for HFU doctoral candidates
  • Safeguarding of quality standards of HFU doctoral work
  • Mediation in the event of conflict
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