Autonomic SLA Management as a Service for Cloud Services

Autonomic SLA Management as a Service (ASLAMaas) is a project funded by the German Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF), which investigates in the independent and automated management of Service Level Agreements in Cloud environments. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) describe the guaranteed quality of services (QoS), which is negotiated between the customer and service provider. The general practice of SLA management unfortunately is not suitable for cloud computing because it does not take into account dynamism and variability.

Autonomic SLA Management as a Service (ASLAMaaS) shall allow cloud users to adapt their "out-sourced" Cloud Services at any time according to the changes of their business processes and adjust the corresponding SLAs. A main object of the project is to use, combine and adapt existing technologies to create an consistent, always adaptable and easy to use SLA management.

For this, the following main topics are examined:

  • Creation of a framework policy SLA document for cloud infrastructures.
  • Design and specification of new cloud-specific SLAs, pricing and business models and typical use cases.
  • Definition of an interfaces with regard to the cloud management infrastructure and IT management infrastructure of the customers, such as an interface to ITIL management processes such as SLA management, asset management.
  • Design of autonomic SLA Management as a service and a prototypical implementation
  • Additionally, new cloud-specific SLAs, such as service scaling, service reservation, service-peak-usage and so on shall be enabled and monitored.

The service is intended to serve the cloud customer and the cloud provider to manage and monitor the service quality defined in the SLAs and will be integrated into the IT management infrastructure of the customer, and the cloud provider. Based on the MAPE-K concept ASLAMaaS will use policies and predefined action plans to counteract SLA violations automatically, for example by providing additional resources. These cloud specific mechanisms and techniques shall be examined, with the aim to maintain and guarantee the QoS better, in a certain frame. Through the dynamic SLA management with ASLAMaaS IT costs shall be reduced, the SLA violations shall be handled better and the security of cloud services shall be increased. Additionally the trust and acceptance of cloud computing environments will be enhanced.

  • Forschungsschwerpunkt Informatik und Medien
Project Partners

The ASLAMaaS project is a collaboration instead of three German industrial partners: Wind Internet GmbH (IT service providers, cloud providers), Freicon AG (IT consulting, monitoring systems) and Gruner AG (International manufacturer of relays, magnetic systems and actuators).

Scientific Project Publications