Accountability for Cloud and Other Future Internet Services

The A4Cloud research project will increase trust in cloud computing. This 42 month, € 14 million project is led by HP Labs, and will devise methods and tools, through which cloud stakeholders can be made accountable for the privacy and confidentiality of information held in the cloud. These methods and tools will combine risk analysis, policy enforcement, monitoring and compliance auditing. They will contribute to the governance of cloud activities, providing transparency and assisting legal, regulatory and socioeconomic policy enforcement.

Detailed information on A4Cloud is available at

  • Forschungsschwerpunkt Informatik und Medien
Project Consortium

The consortium combines industry and academia to achieve cutting-edge research results. From industry, two powerful multinationals (HP LABS-UK, SAP AG-Germany) will work with two specialized SMEs (ATC-Greece, CSA EMEA-UK). Seven of the Europe’s top universities and research institutions (École des Mines de Nantes-France, EURECOM-France, FURTWANGEN-Germany, KARLSTAD Universitet-Sweden, QMUL-UK, SINTEF-Norway, TiU–the Netherlands, UNIVERSITETET I STAVANGER-Norway and UMA-Spain) complete the consortium.

Together, this group balances theoretical research capability and industrial know how, giving it the potential achieve ground-breaking results which can be applied in the real world.