“Broadening horizons"

HFU Business School graduate Jiling Wang’s experience on the MEP (Management Essentials for Professionals) program

"Five years ago, I switched to accounting and controlling. It was a major challenge, but one I overcame. Self-learning was crucial at this stage. I was quickly gaining practical experience on the job but wanted to reinforce this with further training focused on international business and to deepen the theory. I also wanted to improve my business English.

The MEP program includes International Accounting, International Finance and Management Accounting which complement each other very well and which gave me a theoretical basis for my practical experience. Many of the topics in these courses coincided with what I was working on. The professors also brought their industry experience to the courses. With their guidance throughout the systematic structure of the program, many of the questions and ambiguities I encountered in the field were answered. My community of practice has expanded. As a result, I am better able to look at problems from different angles and am ready to apply new knowledge and methods in practice with enthusiasm. This practice check is very good.

Other courses such as Human Resource Management, Project Management, Strategic Marketing and International Marketing are also extremely helpful in understanding how the whole company functions. Many cases of internationally famous companies are analysed, thus broadening horizons. I can see things more clearly and think more actively.

During the MEP program, my English improved quickly, and I became more confident. I also experienced new energy and motivation.

That’s why I have decided to go ahead and complete the whole EMBA, keeping this motivation to learn."

Jiling Wang, CFO Metrax GmbH
Graduate of the CAS "Management Essentials for Professionals" program 2021