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The Senate decides on matters relating to research, the practice of art, artistic development projects, teaching, studies, dual education and continuing education, unless these are assigned by law to another central body, the faculties or study academies.

The term of office of the members is four years, that of the students, one year.

Official members

  • the President (Chairperson)
  • the Vice-Presidents
  • the Head of Administration
  • the Equal Opportunities Officer

Elected members

  • professors 
  • four members of academic staff
  • four other members of staff
  • six students

Current members


Board of Exectives
Dr. Alexandra Bormann
Andrea Linke

Equal Opportunities Officer
Prof. Dr. Marianne Andres

Elected members


Prof. Dr. Gerald Ackner
Prof. Dr. Rütger Conzelmann
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Dittler
Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Enkler
Prof. Dr. Volker Hass
Prof. Dr. Bernhard Hollunder
Prof. Dr. Jochen Huber
Prof. Nikolaus Hottong
Prof. Dr. Hartmut Katz
Prof. Dr. Gunter Ketterer
Prof. Dr. Verena Klusmann-Weißkopf
Prof. Dr. Massimo Kubon
Prof. Dr. Stephan Lambotte
Prof. Dr. Pavel Rawe
Prof. Dr. Thomas Schiepp
Prof. Dr. Magnus Schmidt
Prof. Dr. Kirsten Steinhausen
Prof. Dr. Albrecht Swietlik
Prof. Dr. Oliver Taminé
Prof. Dr. Steffen Thiel
Prof. Dr. Armin Trost

Members of academic staff
Dr. Thorsten Fitzon
Diana Krippl
Dr. Hendrik Kuijs
Tanja Paatsch

Other members
Nicole Deisenberger
Christina Gunzenhauser
Dr. Thomas Jechle
Natalja Schäfer


Pia Burkhart (VST/ Sachverständige, kein Mitglied)
Markus Damm
Moritz Grimm
Nina Kohler
Eric Titel
Sarah Weidenhiller
Frederik Louis Wilss

Honorary Senators

The title of Honorary Senator can be awarded by universities for exceptional services to the university.

The Honorary Senators of Furtwangen University are:

Hans Frank
Conferred the title of Honorary Senator on 8 March, 1978
Mayor of Furtwangen (1957 - 1977);
Member of the state parliament (1964 - 1972)
Died 7 August, 2001

Hans Schmidt
Conferred the title of Honorary Senator on 6 December, 1980
Managing partner of Schmidt Feintechnik GmbH, St. Georgen.
One of the 17 graduates of the first engineering class of 1950
Chairman of the university's support society for many years
Died 28 August, 2012 at the age of 85

Erwin Teufel
Conferred the title of Honorary Senator on 7 June, 1985
Prime Minister of the state of Baden-Württemberg (1991 - 2005)
Directly elected member of the state parliament for the Villingen-Schwenningen constituency (1972 - 2006)

Albert Keck
Conferred the title of Honorary Senator on 16 December, 1987
Former Chairman of the Management Board and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of VDO Aldolf Schindling AG in Schwalbach (Taunus)
One of the 17 graduates of the first engineering class of 1950
Died 27 December, 2018

Thomas Jauch
Conferred the title of Honorary Senator on 20 October, 2009
President of the Jauch group of companies

Rudolf Kastner
Conferred the title of Honorary Senator on October 20, 2009
Chairman of the Executive Board of EGT AG

Guido Wolf
Conferred the title of Honorary Senator on 1 June, 2013
President of the State Parliament of Baden-Württemberg (2011-2015)

Honorary citizens

Prof. Dr. Günter Pritschow
Conferred honorary citizenship on 1 October 2012
Founding representative for the Tuttlingen university campus
Died 14 June 2021

Prof. Manfred Kühne
Conferred honorary citizenship on 21 March 2018

Ortwin Guhl
Conferred honorary citizenship on 25 July 2018