How do you get your news first thing in the morning?

I get the news through the internet from my mobile, I first open Spiegel online portal for local news and then I go to an Egyptian website for Egyptian news, and for sporting events concerning football or other sport I visit an Egyptian sports website.

Which newspaper or magazine do you subscribe to or read frequently? – Print or digital?

Wired, Sports Illustrated, National Geographic, Popular Science, Men’s Fitness and UFC 360.
Digital because it’s easier to take with me everywhere and it’s also more environment friendly.                                               

What kind of news websites are important to you?

Local websites for news concerning Schwarzwald and its surroundings, and websites that discusses world news, also Egyptian news websites so to be always updated with the news in my home country.

What type of books do you prefer to read?

Adventure and thriller novels are my favorite to read, but I prefer graphic novels because I am a comic books fan.

Which book impressed you the most thus far?

The Graphic Novel of One Thousand and One Nights’, just amazing art work and outstanding descriptions of the stories in the original book, which I have read in Arabic, one of my favorite graphic novels of all time.

Which book is your all-time favorite?

I have to say that I have two books tied for my all-time favorites the first is The Art of War by Sun Tzu and the other is Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk.

Which television or radio broadcast do you hardly ever miss?

I am a huge fan of the MythBusters tv show, I also don’t miss an episode Top Gear UK due to the fact that I am a big cars fan, I also watch online every UFC event and I also listen to the weekly Joe Rogan’s Podcast.

Smartphone Herr Abdel Razek

What kind of tools and apps help you stay informed during the day?

I stay updated through twitter and other social media apps, and I use the weather app on my android to plan what I will wear every day and also use it to plan when and where to travel on weekends.

In addition, what type of media or reading habits influence your weekend?

My weekend routine usually consists of going jogging while listening to podcasts, I also read books on my iPad, but most of the time I am watching Mixed Martial Arts fights online and watching comedy and action series.