Business Consulting specialists are trained to be allrounders with the ability to change existing situations by finding creative solutions, i.e. the focus is on promoting creative abilities. Our graduates have a comprehensive knowledge of business administration, accounting, logistics and corporate governance, as well as the use and application of modern information technologies. In a concentrated, hands-on approach, students are trained to analyse the commodity flow, cash flow and information flow of a company - particularly in the industrial sector -  and to develop competently assessed concepts for the creation of optimal business processes. Graduates of the Master's programme in Business Consulting will be in a position to select and/or design, adapt, incorporate and introduce wide-ranging application systems at the corporate level, including user training and support.

Your professional responsibilites may include:

  • Process management in companies regardless of size or area of operation
  • Design and development of database systems and concepts in business intelligence
  • Use of business and logistics skills as a basis for projects to introduce new standard software
  • Use of standard software to implement logistics and business processes
  • Application of methodology to manage projects and companies (e.g. consulting firms)
  • Strengthening profiles to enable more focused communication with the market