Overall Goal

Master-level as defined by the qualification framework for German university degrees (KMK-resolution dated 22.4.2005)

Goals regarding Technical Expertise

  • comprehensive knowledge of medical and natural science issues as well as the current technologies utilised in these fields. Materially, molecular analytics
  • provision of validated data allowing physicians to make a diagnosis
  • ability to gather, critically analyse and present complex data
  • ability to assess and take into account the social, scientific and ethical consequences of findings, decisions and developments
  • ability to independently acquire the use of new technologies
  • utilisation of all diagnostic techniques available and evaluation of their diagnostic value
  • interpretation of different performance parameters regarding molecular diagnostics  as well as an insight into clinical utilisation and quality control

Goals regarding Cross-Subject Expertise

  • ability to work as part of a team in particular in multi-discipline work and research groups
  • ability to make scientifically sound decisions independently, taking into account social, scientific and ethical issues
  • independently develop scientist and technical expertise
  • ability to present results to both an expert and non-expert audience
  • problem-oriented thinking and independent problem-solving

Goals regarding Occupational Field

  • optimising professional qualification by fulfilling the requirements of a number of job descriptions
  • multi-discipline education at the interface of medical science, natural science and technology, filling the existent gap between these fields
  • ability to take responsibility to a project (or part thereof) and / or a team