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Ksenia Siipola MBA alumni
"My HFU MBA gave me not only additional business knowledge, but most importantly, a different perspective and the ability to examine any situation, myself and others in a broader context and to make decisions from a much wider range of perspectives."
Ksenia Siipola, née Kovbasyuk, Russia, alumni of 2009, Marketing Operations and Insights Manager at LucaNet AG, Berlin

The HFU MBA advantage

We prepare our students for careers in a continually changing global business environment. By choosing the HFU MBA, you will benefit from the following unique advantages that our program offers:


HFU MBA advantage (I5351-1)

Dynamic and internationally experienced faculty
All HFU professors involved in the program share their extensive international business experience that spans all corners of the world. Their expertise makes the theoretical concepts come alive in the lectures and seminars.

Top-notch curriculum
Our curriculum is specifically designed to cover all the important facets of doing business globally, for example managing cultural diversity and the development of a global mindset. Managing cultural diversity in business, a core part of our program, is simply not offered in many other programs you may be considering.

And the development of a global mindset, which helps you cut through the cultural conflicts in business, cannot be achieved by simply speaking foreign languages, or living abroad. A deep-dive study of values and norms, behaviors and practices from around the business world, helps you create the much desired synergy to achieve high performance.

International environment
The program is taught entirely in English and is geared toward foreign students choosing to study in Germany. By choosing HFU, you will be placed in a tight-knit class environment typically made up of 80% foreign students from around the world.

You will not only learn a fair amount of German simply by living here, but are likely to pick up salsa dancing, how to eat with chopsticks, greeting with namaste or even some Arabic and Russian from your classmates, too!


HFU MBA advantage (I8600-1)

One of the most important advantages which we offer is our small class size limited to 15 students, ensuring an intensive learning environment, close interaction with peers and professors and personalized attention from the faculty and support staff.

Along with the interactive courses, the HFU MBA program fosters an expansion of your own business network. We offer insider-view excursions to local hidden champions, the internationally successful enterprises in the region. At networking events with former HFU MBA alumni in our Meet & Greet program and at the Friday evening Best Practices lecture series by change leaders, you gain deep insights into current megatrends in industry.


HFU MBA advantage (I5354-1)

Innovative teaching approaches
The program explicitly focuses on emerging trends and innovative best practices for businesses engaging in global markets today. You will not only receive a sound foundation in modern business theory and practice, but also up-to-date insights into current international business affairs that will better prepare you for entry into this branch of business management.

To offer an engaging and challenging learning experience, we apply modern interactive teaching and learning methods such as hands-on business simulations, business games and collaborative projects in real-life business situations. The interdisciplinary teaching styles and curricula mirror the complex world of business today, moving you away from the old canons of knowledge and into the 21st century.

Exceptional support

HFU MBA advantage (I5357-1)

Our program support services help ensure that studying in Germany will not only prove to be an academic success for you, but also a personally enriching experience as well.

We offer comprehensive support in helping you with onboarding, finding suitable living accommodation and getting you started upon arrival. An orientation program for international students is scheduled for the two weeks prior to start of studies. During this orientation, most of the administrative issues facing a student new to Germany are covered, including registration at the university, registration with city hall, and application for residency. The orientation program also offers intensive courses in German besides the semester-long courses in German as a Foreign Language included in the program tuition. We know that living abroad can be challenging and we want to make sure that your stay at the HFU Business School is as comfortable as possible.

HFU is known for having the quickest and most efficient application procedures in the industry, and this standard of support is maintained throughout the academic year.
Try out our online application and see for yourself!

Outstanding value

HFU MBA advantage (I5358-1)

The HFU MBA program offers exceptional value for money. The total cost of tuition fees, travel and accommodation is less than the equivalent of $23,000. Similar courses at other institutions typically cost between $50,000 and $100,000, in tuition fees alone. We are able to offer such low tuition fees because our higher education system is subsidized by the German government.

At HFU, you are not paying for the brand name. You are paying for an exceptional learning experience that will prepare you for an engaging career as a global business professional. And on top of that, you will walk away with top notch MBA credentials.