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New students are admitted once a year, normally in late September.


April 15th
for non-EU applicants (with foreign diplomas)
July 31st 2021 for German and EU applicants (with German and EU diplomas).

German and EU-citizens apply using the online application link below.

For EU-applicants outside Germany:

Your university entrance qualification from your country must first be validated by the Center for International Students in Constance before you can complete the online application using the link below.

Currently the processing time for grade recognition is 3-4 weeks. Online applications close on 31 July.

Non-EU applicants send application to:
Furtwangen University
Admissions Office (Zulassungsamt)
Robert-Gerwig-Platz 1
78120 Furtwangen

Enquiries regarding application received:
Telephone +49 7723 920-1232
Fax: +49 7723 920-1239
Email: zulassungsamt@hs-furtwangen.de 

General enquiries:
Email: business(at)hs-furtwangen.de
Telephone: +49 7720 307 4354

Online application

Germans and EU-citizens apply online here.