The HFU MBA Advantage

We aim to prepare our students for lifelong careers as business professional in a continually changing global business environment. By choosing the HFU MBA, you will benefit from the following unique advantages that our program offers.

International Focus

The program is explicitly focused on emerging trends and innovative best practices for businesses engaging in global markets today. The student will not only receive a sound foundation in modern business theory and practice, but up-to-date insights into current international business affairs that will better prepare him or her for entry into this branch of business management.

A Dynamic and Internationally Experienced Faculty

All HFU professors involved in the program have extensive international business experience that spans all corners of the world. Our professors hold doctorate degrees in their respective fields as required by German state education standards, and many remain active in business affairs outside of the classroom.

A Top Notch Curriculum

Our curriculum is specifically designed to cover all the important facets of doing business globally. For example, managing cultural diversity in business is a core part of our program and is simply not offered in many other programs you may be considering. Our courses in Strategic Management and Leadership are also among the best in the industry.

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Fully Accredited

From 2004-2014 the program was accredited by FIBAA, Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation.

Since 2012 the program is additionally accredited by ACQUIN, the Accreditation, Certification and Quality Assurance Institute.

Our MBA degree has been independently confirmed for equivalency standing in such countries as the United States and Canada, and is fully recognized in all European Union countries.

Innovative Teaching Approaches

To offer an engaging and challenging learning experience, we apply modern interactive teaching and learning methods, participative simulations, business games, and collaborative projects in real life business situations.  

In addition, we strongly believe in the benefits of shaping an individualized relationship with all of our students within a unique, closely-knit student/faculty culture.

  • The program size is limited to 15 students
  • Every student is personally mentored by a professor
  • Our faculty culture is friendly and open

International Environment

The program is taught entirely in English and is geared toward foreign students choosing to study in Germany. By choosing HFU, you will be placed in a tight-knit class environment made up of typically 80% foreign students coming from all parts of the world. You will not only learn a good amount of German simply by living here, but are likely to pick up some Spanish, Russian, French or Chinese from your classmates too!

Study in the Heart of Europe

The HFU Business School is located at the foothills of the Black Forest, one the most picturesque regions in Germany and famous for its tourism industry. Local residents of the city of Villingen-Schwenningen are known for their southern German hospitality, and many former students have made lifelong friendships with the locals from here. Leisure is equally as important to Germans as is working hard, and recreational activities such as hiking, cycling, mountain biking, horseback riding, tennis—among many, many others—are readily accessible in and around the city.

For big city experiences, the cities of Stuttgart, Freiburg and Konstanz are only an hour’s train ride away. Or rent a car for a weekend adventure and France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy are an easy drive from here.

Past MBA students have told us that staying in this part of Germany was more like being on vacation for a year.

Exceptional Administrative Support

Our MBA program has a dedicated Program Director specifically tasked to provide individualized help and support services to applicants and students. We know that moving to a foreign country to undertake studies can be complicated. Study visas need to be obtained.  Living accommodations need to be found. The Program Director is there to guide students through the entire process, and will even arrange to have you picked up at the train station to drive you to your student apartment when you arrive.

HFU is known for having the quickest and most efficient application procedures in the industry, and this standard of support is maintained throughout the academic year.

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Outstanding Value

For less than the equivalent of $23,000 USD in combined tuition fees and travel and accommodation costs, HFU’s MBA program offers exceptional value. Similar courses at other institutions typically cost $50,000 - $100,000 USD in tuition fees alone. We are able to offer such a low tuition because German higher education is still supported by public funding in the country.

At HFU, you do not pay for the brand name. You only pay for an exceptional learning and stay experience that will prepare you for an engaging career as a global business professional. Not to mention you will walk away with top notch MBA credentials.