Prof. Nikola Hale
Dean of Studies

Campus Schwenningen, Room F 2.16
Email: han(at)
Phone: +49 7720 307 4313





Pia Schächterle

Program Director

Campus Schwenningen, Room G 1.09
Email: sle(at)
Phone: +49 7720 307 4185



Excellent Academic and Student Assistance Services

Our program support services help ensure that studying in Germany will not only prove to be an academic success for you, but also a personally enriching experience as well.

We offer comprehensive and individualized support in helping you and getting you started upon arrival. For example, we can arrange a pick-up service that will take you from the Villingen-Schwenningen train stations to your new apartment if so required.

An Orientation Program for International Students is organized in the two weeks prior to start of studies. During this orientation, most of the administrative issues facing a student new to Germany are covered, such as for example opening a bank account. You will also be taken through a number of required processes such as registration with city hall. The orientation weeks also offer a crash course in the German language for those who need it.

HFU is well known for having an outstanding student support program. Of course, our student support functions don’t stop after orientation. Support will continue throughout the academic year. We know that living abroad can be challenging and we want to make sure that your stay at the HFU Business School is as enjoyable as possible.