An International MBA for the Globally Minded

The HFU MBA combines a leading-edge curriculum taught entirely in English by a dynamic and internationally experienced faculty. The HFU Business School is a faculty of Hochschule Furtwangen University, a state run university located in picturesque southern Germany.

Our MBA program is focused on managing business across global markets. It challenges students to think and live globally by its location at the crossroads of Europe. Organizational leadership, strategic management, and managing cultural diversity are strong points of the program and prepare the student for success as future professionals in business enterprises operating across international borders.

International Location

Situated in the heart of Europe, the program consistently attracts students from all over the world. Classes are typically made up of 80% international students, creating a unique multi-cultural experience on the fringe of the Black Forest and within an hour’s drive to France, Switzerland, Austria, and three hours to Italy.

European Business Exposure

The region is home to many top global corporations including Porsche, Daimler, SAP, Bosch, Aesculap, and Hugo Boss. Many of our foreign graduates have gone on to work for these and other such companies like Hewlett-Packard Europe, Adidas, Puma, and Marquardt as part of their extended international business experience here.

Advanced Teaching Methods

HFU is a top-ranked university of applied sciences as evidenced by recent surveys of schools. Our MBA program offers many advantages.

Top among them is our small class size limited to 15 students, ensuring an intensive learning environment, close interaction with peers and professors, and personalized attention from the faculty and support staff.

Our teaching approach incorporates innovative methods such as hands-on business simulations and collaborative projects with partner universities around the world. These challenge our students to effectively manage cultural differences, geographic dislocations and even competing interests in real world situations while working towards achieving business objectives.

The program comprises full-time day study, thus allowing the student to enjoy normal campus life and weekends exploring the many recreational and cultural offerings of the region.

Global Preparation

In the end, an MBA from HFU Business School will provide you with an exceptional ‘Made in Germany’ foundation for a career in international business at global companies worldwide. Our MBA program is fully accredited by AQCUIN.

Our MBA degree has been independently confirmed for equivalency standing in such countries as the United States and Canada, and is fully recognized in all European Union countries.