Your Career Outlook

Graduates of this programme will have aquired advanced problem solving skills that are needed for various leadership positions in both industry and the public sector. The generalistic approach, the strong methdological foundation and the international focus of this programme prepare graduates for a wide range of professional possibilities.

Some examples are:

  • Leadership positions in both multinational companies and SME´s – particularly those active in international markets
  • Positions in all types of management consultancies
  • Strategic positions in industry associations
  • Becoming an entrepreneur
  • Starting a PhD

Nach oben

Viviana Garcia de Oliveira

I came to Germany with high expectations about the quality of education, but what surprised me most was not only how much you can learn in the classes, but also how international HFU is. This makes the whole experience even more amazing. After IMM you will be 100% ready to work in any international environment and to meet any challenge. We had a very close relationship with the professors, but the group projects are where I learned most in the program. 

After the Master’s, I stayed on in Germany and today I am working for a German Company in International Sales - in my dream job. I still have the opportunity to visit my home country on business, which is wonderful. Thank you HFU and the IMM program!

Graduated in summer 2016. From Brazil.