How we will help you to get started

Germany has come out top in an international poll on international courses - so why not study with us in the Black Forest region in the south of Germany?

The IBM program is taught entirely in English and is made up of 50% German and EU students and 50% international students from outside the EU.

The Business School has its own International Student Support Co-ordinator who will be available for questions, help and advice throughout your studies with us, from the start of the application process, through the "moving to Germany" period and, of course, also once you have arrived here, to help you smooth out any problems. We will providesuccessful applicants with all relevant information to help plan your move to Germany (e.g. issues like visa application, accommodation, travel and logistics, etc.).


We generally communicate with our international applicants by email. Therefore it is essential that you have an email account which you check frequently and regularly. Please make sure that your account is maintained and able to receive mail. In many cases when we get in touch with you, deadlines will apply and missing those could mean you lose an opportunity! We are contactable by email at all times to answer any questions you may have.


If and when you receive a letter of acceptance (first by email and later a paper copy by mail), you will need to apply for a student visa at the German Embassy or consulate in your country. You should do this AS SOON AS POSSIBLE after receiving the letter of acceptance as a visa application will normally take at least 6 weeks, but can take as long as three months. You need to arrive in Schwenningen in mid-September. We will inform you of the exact arrival dates in due course. Please make sure not to arrive early as this could cause a great deal of administrative problems.


You should be aware that you will have to budget about € 670/month for your expenses for the entire duration of your studies. You will need to have this organised BEFORE you come to Germany, as your visa will normally depend on this. It is generally not easy to finance your studies by working. Regulations do not permit many international students  to take a full-time job and it can be difficult to find suitable part-time jobs as most jobs require students to have a good command of German. Please also bear in mind that it is very difficult to work and keep up with the workload requirements of the degree programmes.

 See this link for suggestions!

Tuition fees

The Baden-Württemberg government introduces tuition fees of € 1500/semester for international (i.e. non EU) students starting in winter semester 2017/18.  More information can be found here  

Administration, student services and student union contribution fees of € 130/semester in total must also be paid.




We will help successful applicants with finding accommodation in Schwenningen, if required. The rent will be in the region of € 200.- to € 250.- per month (and thus will make up a significant proportion of your monthly budget.) - which, while a lot of money, is actually very good for German university towns. We can help you find an individual room in a shared apartment with other students or an individual apartment. Rooms which you can share with other students are NOT normally offered by German landlords. All rooms will have heating as well as a kitchen and bathroom and will be furnished. All accommodation will be within walking distance of the university.


Our Welcome Program is designed to help foreign students integrate as quickly and smoothly as possible into daily life as a student at the Furtwangen University. The Orientation Program, held by the International Student Support service in Schwenningen in association with the International Center in Furtwangen, provides help with enrolment and the necessary legal paperwork. Intensive "crash" courses in German as a Foreign Language at the survival level for non-German speaking students and as a refresher course for students with previous knowledge are also offered. Tours of the two campuses, the libraries, PC halls, and local region are also provided. This program will start normally in mid-September and it is essential that all international students take part. We will inform all successful applicants of the exact date for the Orientation Program and your arrival - please make sure to stick to these as both early and late arrival will cause a lot of administrative problems.


For those international students who already reside in Germany (e.g. because they are changing from a different course of studies, or they have done a German language course or been here as an Au Pair), some legal regulations apply and it is important to get in touch with the International Student Support Coordinator early in the planning stages to ensure that you have all the correct information and that things will go smoothly.


If you have any further questions or questions about the application form not answered here or in the FAQ document for the application form, then please get in touch with the HFU Business School International Student Support Co-ordinator: Silke Mühlbach


Ici vous trouvez un dossier informatif: vivre en Allemagne et étudier à HFU.