The internationally-established and highly-respected MBA title which our graduates are awarded will give fresh impetus to both a national and an international career.

Those willing to face 24 months of the multiple challenges of full-time employment and part-time studies, have a clear career goal. In this way all candidates show very clearly their high motivation and excellent qualification. We work on the further development of such personalities as having the potential for higher, and even the highest, management positions in a company.

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I would definitely recommend the EMBA course to any professional who has an interest towards management studies but does not have the time to do a full time MBA. I really enjoyed being a part of this experience. One sure does learn lots from the class rooms, especially from the interactions with the fellow students. This surely does change the way how you see and analyze things, especially the day-to-day business life.

Raghavendar Kuberan, Graduate 2014
Director – Gear Technology, Bauer Gear Motor Esslingen

Mir hat besonders die Kombination aus Professoren-Beitrag und Gruppendiskussion an den Vorlesungstagen gefallen. Das ergab ein sehr schön abgerundetes Bild zum jeweiligen Thema. Die Auswahl der Schwerpunkte in den jeweiligen Kursen (z.B. bei HR: Employer Branding) waren für mich inspirierend und nützlich in meinem Unternehmensalltag.

Die Beantwortung von Fragen durch die Professoren auch außerhalb der Vorlesung ist sehr gut und unterstützt das eigene Lernen an den vorlesungsfreien Wochenenden perfekt.

Martin Zähringer, Graduate 2014
Entwicklungsleiter, M & M Software GmbH St. Georgen

I wanted to obtain an MBA to compliment my practical experience in certain functional areas with a formal theoretical basis. I also wanted to supplement my understanding of business with insight into other areas to which I had not yet been exposed during my career. I chose to do my EMBA at HFU because it best fulfilled my selection criteria. HFU has an excellent local reputation. The professors are knowledgeable and, more importantly, they are accessible. I wanted classroom experience as opposed to remote learning and the program is designed to allow participants to balance career, family and further learning. Overall, HFU offered the best value for the investment required in money and time.

Ted Julius, Graduate 2013
Director – Global Manufacturing Strategy and Planning, Gambro Dialysatoren GmbH

The HFU Executive MBA  offered me the chance to gain international high-level business and management knowledge and skills whilst pursuing my career.

The HFU team offers up-to-date and fresh insights into the business and management world that helped me to personally extend my horizons and put management theory into action at my workplace – without the need to take a break in my career and miss out on the practical managerial experience of my job.

Also, it allowed me to connect with like-minded people from different industries and made connections that I’m confident will last for a long time.

Steffen Job, Graduate 2013
Kaufmännischer Leiter, Geschäftsleitung / Management
FTÜ Fahrzeugtransport- und Übernahme GmbH


Usually, people are concentrated on their particular area of expertise, neglecting the systems around them. The programme offers valuable insights in various business areas and raises awareness about how complex business systems work. This approach helped me further in my professional life. I appreciated very much the open debates and friendly atmosphere between colleagues and professores including a guaranteed fun factor which helps you go through the long way till graduation.

Andrei Ruja, Graduate 2012
Manager Sales and Country Management Central & Eastern Europe Kärcher    

While in the EMBA program at HFU I took on the position of Managing Director in our company. There are so many aspects of the program which I use now in my daily work that I doubt I could have succeeded in my job without it. The combination of theoretical background, practical application and lively discussions in a small but diverse team was very inspiring for me – I can only recommend it to anyone who wants to move from a technical into a managerial position.

Matthias Reimann, Graduate 2012
Managing Director, Schweickert Netzwerktechnik GmbH, Walldorf   

The approach of the program to frequently use case studies I really appreciated. By reading and discussing them in our small EMBA group I got a very good insight into other companies and industrial sectors.

For those who are looking for a suitable extension to their studies and want to broaden their perspective I can really recommend this program.

Katharina Rueß, Graduate 2011
Director Logistics Controlling and Projects, Robert Bosch GmbH

In my view, a good Executive MBA, typically, consists of three areas:
1. A certificate, which is consistently accredited across the world.
2. Lessons with content relevant to one’s business situation that allow for further individual growth and career opportunities.
3. An alumni network which allows to re-connect with former co-students post-graduation.

To me, the Executive MBA class at the HFU scored high on all of the above … and all of this comes at the convenience of a very predictable schedule for lecture days, a tuition fee with an unbeatable value-for-money ratio, small and focused learning groups and much more.
Clearly, successful completion of this class was a game-changer in my career.

Tilo Hache, Graduate 2011
Workstream Leader Mobile Patient Data / Pharma Development, 
Novartis Pharma AG

Das Executive MBA-Programm lieferte mir den Beitrag, die verschiedensten, relevanten Aspekte und Zusammenhänge, die ein Unternehmen zum Funktionieren benötigt, in ihrer Gesamtheit besser zu verstehen.
Das erlernte Wissen wende ich täglich bei meiner Arbeit an und profitiere noch heute von dem Erlernten.

Frank Eder, Graduate 2011
Bereichsleiter Sonderentwicklung testo AG


Die Hochschule Furtwangen genießt einen hervorragenden Ruf, der durch dieses Masterprogramm für Executives mehr als komplettiert wird. Die intensive Auseinandersetzung mit modernster Führungsmethodik und -Kompetenz  anhand Case Studies haben mich besonders für meine persönliche Führungsrolle geprägt. Auch jetzt noch, Jahre nach dem Abschluss findet in unserer Gruppe noch immer ein reger Erfahrungsaustausch und  Diskussion  nicht nur zu Führungsthemen statt. Mein Dank geht an die Initiatoren, die Dozenten und an Frau Feketics! Wertvoller könnte ein Programm nicht sein!

Stephanie Rich, Graduate 2010
Kaufmännische Geschäftsführung, Klinik für Kinder- und Jugendmedizin

Without the Executive MBA program at the HFU Furtwangen I would not be where I am today. Personally and professionally I have taken a giant leap forward. When my company learned that I intended to take part in this program, they opened new doors and opportunities for me. The on-campus sessions, the time spent abroad, exchanges, new friends – it was an experience not to be missed. 

Christoph Zimmermann, Graduate 2009 
Geschäftsführer Schweiz, Waldmann Lichttechnik GmbH

During my 10 years of working in different positions in the chemical industry, I was involved in many different aspects of management. It was like collecting pieces of a puzzle. During this MBA I was able to put these bits and pieces together. I have now a clear picture about the interactions within a company and can use this as a basis to successfully drive global projects. This was facilitated by a limited group size of less than 15 students who had different academic backgrounds and job positions. Last but not least the studies in France and Shanghai, along with the various social events, created a lasting team spirit.”

Doing the Executive MBA was quite challenging and intense besides my regular job and with a family and two kids - but several aspects of the MBA set-up at the HFU made it possible not only to survive, but also to enjoy these two years. Peak workloads could be managed by individually-adapted schedules. The highly-motivated professors teach in an interactive way by combining academic know-how with their own and the students’ practical experience.

Andreas Schild, Graduate 2009
Global Operations, Clariant International Ltd.

It is an ideal extension to my first degree in natural science since it teaches best practices in business administration in combination with a general management approach immediately applicable in my current job assignment.

Oliver Danckert, Graduate 2008 
Vice President Operations, SAP AG

The program covers all facets of international management. It’s not only about theory but about sharing the real management experience of both professors and participants. Great lively discussions and great team! 

Marissa Walzer, Graduate 2008 
Geschäftsführerin, Endura Sarl

The main advantages are a broad general management overview taught by experienced lecturers with great courses providing valuable,up-todate knowledge, as well as the international alignment of the program supported by foreign modules.

Martin Althoff, Graduate 2007 
Senior Manager Life Sciences, Cognizant Technology Solutions

The studies have enriched my daily life, and the topics learned have given me much more self confidence, both in business and private life. The ideas we learned and the tools we acquired during the course could be directly applied to my work. Therefore my value to the company increased. 

Michael Krause, Graduate 2006
CEO, Aquasant Messtechnik GmbH

 In my view the strength of this executive MBA lies in the teaching staff which consists of experienced and passionate professors with profound knowledge of their respective fields. Furthermore, this program is not just about teaching the theory but about how to use it in daily business.  For this purpose the limited number of students (15 max.) facilitates discussions, where everybody could participate; the best practice sessions, held by company executives, relate the study of a business case to one of the topics reviewed in class. In addition the modules “Doing Business in France” and “Doing business in China” give the opportunity to meet locals and to exchange valuable information about the business environment/culture of these important global players.

Estelle Wamy, Graduate 2007
Inventory Manager, Hewlett-Packard

It is not the branding of an institution that counts, it‘s the substance behind it. 

Michael Lumpp, Graduate 2006
Automotive Sales - Key Account Module Suppliers, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies

The Executive MBA is characterized by small groups, international professors and the convenient location in the heart of the Black Forest. The best aspects were the Shanghai trip and the networking with people in different companies. 

Florian Birkenmayer, Graduate 2005 
Geschäftsführer, GEZE GmbH