We offer our Executive MBA students a professional learning environment with great flexibility both in terms of time and space and tailor-made for our customers‘ requirements. Reading and research for the lectures is supported by a state-of-the-art learning environment which allows access to learning materials at any time, regardless of location. Between on-campus sessions participants remain in contact through asynchronous group discussions. Participants also benefit from access to an extensive online library of current management publications. 

Our modern and well-equipped Executive MBA rooms are tailor-made for our participants, feature data projectors as well as wireless Lan. During the residencies, refreshments are provided. We publish the on-campus sessions dates for the entire two-year study period at the start of the program so that participants and their employers can plan and coordinate study, family and career in the best possible manner. 

Our professors and staff are highly educated and experienced professionals with a strong commitment to supporting our students in achieving their goals. The number of participants is limited to fifteen, allowing for a close working relationship and intensive exchange in case studies, discussions and simulations.