During the program you will receive a broad, long-term relevant basis of skills and knowledge in business subjects as well as leadership skills and international competence.

General Management Knowledge

Our Executive MBA program focuses on general management, providing a solid foundation and up-to-date knowledge base in all functional areas essential for future managers. We offer professional development for those who have the potential for middle and top management positions.

Soft Skills

In addition to business studies, our course covers the soft skills and social and intercultural competencies vital for today’s managers

Interpersonal Experience

Participants will not only learn from professors and other experts in the field, but will also profit from the personal experience and network of contacts of other group members.

International Competence

The increasing internationalization of companies poses continuous challenges to management qualifications. They have to build up an international competence, create lasting organizational structures as well as effective paths of communication and re-focus the company culture. Intercultural competence is, in this context, as essential as solid language skills.

Practical Relevance and Applicability in Business

Our program focuses on business practice and relevance. The cooperation with well-known international companies provides added value to the program.