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The Faculty of Business Information Systems offers numerous SAP-related programmes with faculty members or with business partners of the Faculty. For these purposes the Department itself operates the SAP ECC and SAP BI Core system, which allows complete flexibility in the use of the systems. Furthermore, applications such as SAP CRM, SAP HANA and SAP SCM from the university competency centres in Munich and Magdeburg are also used.

For the execution of business processes in the SAP System, videos are available which consist of PowerPoint presentations, the SAP system and voice instructions with a repeated playback feature. Students can access all documents through the e-learning platform.

The faculty operates SAP Systems run on HP hardware using the HP-UX operating system and an ORACLE databank.

The following modules are offered by the Faculty:

  • Integrated standard software (SAP ECC)
  • E-business application systems (SAP ECC)
  • Customer relationship management (SAP CRM)
  • Customizing of ERP systems (SAP ECC)

Our partners offer the following courses:

  • Big data with SAP HANA, SAP AG Walldorf
  • Business processes in accounting (FI, CO), Accenture Basel
  • Business processes in logistics (MM, PP, SD), Accenture Basel
  • Software development using ABAP I and II, eMaks Freiburg
  • Supply chain management with SAP APO, deloitte Walldorf

SAP Learning HUB Student Edition

The SAP Learning Hub is a learning portal, which provides access to extensive SAP solution content. Students are able to work through the learning unit at any time. The Learning Hub Student Edition provides unlimited access to high quality content and numerous training courses, including e-learning courses and manuals for a fixed 12-month fee. This is an ideal way to prepare oneself for certification in a particular area. Certified SAP advisors are highly sought-after in business.

An additional charge is made for final certifications, some of which are available at a reduced fee. Registrations for the SAP Learning Hub and for reduced price certifications can only be carried out through the SAP Lab. All other certifications at standard prices can be booked directly through the SAP Externer Link wird in neuem Fenster geöffnet:Training and Certification Shop.

Registrations are made over the SAP Lab and fees are forwarded to SAP. The SAP Lab does not give any guarantees or accept any further responsibilities. Fees for access to the SAP Learning Hub and for reduced price certifications cannot be refunded, therefore it is important to take a look at the Discovery Edition, a smaller version of the SAP Learning Hub, first to find out whether it fits your needs. Registration for the Discovery Edition can be made through Externer Link wird in neuem Fenster geöffnet:SAP.

Useful Links:

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