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Career perspectives and testimonials

Learning outcomes and job description

Business Consulting specialists are trained to be all-rounders with the ability to find creative solutions. Our graduates have a comprehensive knowledge of business administration, accounting, logistics and corporate governance, as well as the use and application of modern information technologies. Using a hands-on approach, students are trained to analyse the commodity flow, cash flow and information flow of companies, particularly in the industrial sector, and to develop competently assessed concepts for the creation of optimal business processes. Graduates of the Master's in Business Consulting programme will be in a position to select and/or design, adapt, incorporate and introduce wide-ranging application systems at the corporate level, including user training and support.

Professional responsibilities may include:

  • Process management in companies regardless of size or area of operation
  • Design and development of database systems and concepts in business intelligence
  • Use of business and logistics skills as a basis for the introduction of new standard software
  • Use of standard software to implement logistics and business processes
  • Application of methodology to manage projects and companies (e.g. consulting firms)
  • Strengthening profiles to enable more focused communication with the market
Career perspectives

The demand for consultants with this profile is extraordinarily high and continuously growing. In Germany  there are currently about 11,000 consulting firms. Twenty of the major consulting firms alone employ more than 5,000 people. In addition, solution providers that market standard software or software packages require about the same number of staff. The need for specialists in this sector cannot currently be met. Our Business Consulting programme enables our graduates to identify and fully grasp the opportunities that lie ahead, choosing from a variety of career paths in diverse areas ranging from management to information technology. As a Business Consulting graduate you will find a job in any business area or industry around the world.

Here just a few of the career paths open to you as future BCM graduate:

  • SAP Consultant
  • Business Process Consultant
  • Supply Chain Management Consultant
  • Business Intelligence Consultant
  • Business Analyst
  • Software Engineer
  • Financial Advisor


Aniketa Sharma

"I can attribute my outstanding SAP skills to Business Consulting at HFU. Professors at HFU are really helpful and university staff are so friendly. Living in Furtwangen is an altogether beautiful experience. It also has provided me with an opportunity to strengthen my core subject SAP BI and hone my managerial skills. BCM is the plinth on which my pillar of success stands."
Aniketa Sharma, India - Erlang Developer at Kairion Gmbh, Germany

Jothiswaren Athma Rao

"This course blends Business and IT consulting with Management Principles. Perfect tailor-made course for anyone interested in starting their career in SAP or Process Consulting as it offers plenty of options to develop a solid foundation."
Jothiswaren Athma Rao, India - Senior Consultant at Deloitte GmbH, Germany

Stefan Geiselhart

"It is not only the balanced and diversified curriculum that contributes to the future success of BCM students, it is far more than that. Within three semesters of studying in a professional and intercultural environment, skills and expertise get leveraged and pushed to the top. Even beyond studies I was offered a broad variety of opportunities to take and work with. During the Business Consulting Master programme at the HFU you are undergoing a profound change getting perfectly prepared for your future work and challenges that will come up. The future world of consulting can hardly wait for you to finally graduate!" 
Stefan Geiselhart, Germany - Student at HFU, Germany

Mohammad Iqbal

"I wanted to say thanks for everything regarding my study and the smooth stay at HFU. The study content of our BCM is really good and I can see the things taught in the programme are really being applied in my company - as not many university programmes are applicable in practical working life - but our BCM course is really a good one."
Mohammad Iqbal, India – IT Product Manager at Westwing Group GmbH, Germany

Tamas Budai

"BCM has provided me with a solid foundation of SAP skills and sound business knowledge that I leverage during my consulting career. I am very grateful for that." 
Tamas Budai, Hungary - Deloitte Consulting GmbH, Germany

Mohammed Afifi

"The course offers a perfect combination of theory and practical studies. The quality and content delivered in BCM programme courses prepared me to enter professional life easily." 
Mohammed Afifi, Egypt – SAP Technical Consultant at HP, Germany

Vittal Navale

"BCM is a great blend of theory with practical over SAP/ARIS systems. The course has helped me gain specialist skills and visualize the typical business problems hence expanding my years of IT experience. The course molds you for a career in Global consulting." 
Vittal Navale, India - Deloitte Consulting GmbH, Germany

Amit Upadhye

"BCM helped me to expand my horizons. I learned many useful professional skills which helped me to jumpstart my career. All the professors were really helpful. I would also like to mention the student community at HFU which was like a big happy family living in beautiful Furtwangen."
Amit Upadhye, India - Engineer COE SAP, Ireland

Karthik Suresh

"BCM programme is very good for students who want to enter the consulting or SAP area. All professors at the programme are very professional, friendly and helpful. The curriculum gives a very good overview of SAP, which gave me the opportunity to learn SAP SD/MM/PP/BI modules with practical exposure of using the SAP system. I appreciated it very much that new subjects such as SAP Customization were added to the programme upon students’ requests. So here in BCM learning is not limited. If you are interested in learning more, Prof. Marx will try his best to add it into the curriculum. I would like to thank the whole BCM programme team. Thanks to their guidance I was able to get a full-time job here in Germany."
Karthik Suresh, India - Junior Consultant at Triumph GmbH, Germany