Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Andreas Fath
Fakultät Medical and Life Sciences
Telefon: 07720 307-4739
Fax: 07720 307-4725
Campus Villingen-Schwenningen, Raum C 2.13

Lehr- und Arbeitsgebiete:

  • Physikalische Chemie und Analytik
  • Anorganische Chemie 
  • Oberflächentechnik 
  • Werkstoffentwicklung 
  • Chemische Verfahrenstechnik 
  • Umwelttechnik


Curriculum Vitae
Full name: Prof. Dr. rer.nat. Andreas Fath
Date of birth: Feb. 18, 1965
Place of birth: Speyer, Germany
Marital state: Married/three sons
Nationality: German

Office address Hochschule Furtwangen Campus Schwenningen 
Fakultät Medical and Life Sciences
Jakob Kienzle-Str.17 78054 VS-Schwenningen

Tel: 07720 307 4739
Fax: 07720 307 4207

08/71-06/76 Primary school
08/76-06/85 High school (Friedrich-Magnus-Schwerd-Gymnasium in Speyer)
10/86-08/92 University of Heidelberg, Dipl. Chem.
09/92-08/93 Diploma Thesis “Synthesis and coordination chemistry of macrocyclic tetrathioether ligands with exozyclic π-systems” (Prof. Dr. P. Comba, University of Heidelberg)
09/93-07/96 Ph. D. Thesis “Chemistry of macrocyclic Polythiaethers” (Prof. Dr. P. Comba, University of Heidelberg)

Institutions visited:
10/90-12/91 Erasmus-fellowship at the University “Complutense”of Madrid (Spain)
20.12.1991 Presentation of a "tesina"
(span. diploma thesis) “Complejos de Molibdeno conteniendo el Ligando tripoidal [HB{-(p- CH3C6H4)C3N2H2}3]-)
02/94-03/94 DAAD-scholarship at the University of St. Andrews (Scottland), (Prof. R. W. Hay und Dr. D.T. Richens); Anglo-German Foundation ARC,
Exchange of researchers with Great Britain,
“Weakly coppled dinuclear copper(I) and vanadium(IV) complexes: Synthesis-Spectroskopy-Electrochemistry-Solution structure.”
09/96-10/96 DAAD-fellowship at the University of Valencia (Spain), (Prof. Dr. J. Borras), Exchange of researchers with Spain, “Determination of solution structures and Design of enzymatic active copper(II) sufathiazol complexes.”

-12/96 Research coworker at the University of Heidelberg (Prof. P. Comba)
11/96-4/97 Free-lance as author at the spectrum academic printhouse GmbH in Heidelberg
1/97-4/97 Lecturer at the MTA (technical assistences in medizin) school in Frankfurt
5/97-9/97 Scientific cooperation with Prof. Dr. Dr. Keppler at the university of vienna (austria)
10/97-3/98 lecturer at the international study centre at the university of Heidelberg
3/98-6/98 Editor of the cosmetic journal “Eurocosmetics”; Melcher Verlag Heidelberg
6/98-9/00 Post doc at the institute of microstructure technique (IMT) at the research centre Karlsruhe. Development of new materials for microstructure replications on metalls and plastics using microelectrodeposition techniques and the LIGA-process
10/00- 09/11 Hansgrohe AG; responsable for chemical developments and surface technologies
Since 10/11 Professor at Hochschule Furtwangen University

Teaching activities:
1992-1996 Laboratory practice sessions and seminars for chemistry students on general, inorganic and analytical chemistry at the University of Heidelberg

Military service:

German, English, Spanish

Publication List



Awards and Grants

  • Heinz-Leuze Award 2001 presented every year by the DGO (German Society of Plating and Surface Technology): “Ajusting internal stress”
  • Federal Environment Ministry (BMU) Grant 2004 “Implementation of a new hexavalent chrome free plating on plastic process” 750 000 €
  • Masco Innovation Grant 2005 “Structured plated surfaces” 470 000 €
  • EU Grant 2006 “Method to determine the amount of nickel released from the surface of chrome-plated products made of copper alloys” 200 000 €
  • Environment department Baden Württemberg Grant 2008 “Reduction of the PFT release into the plating waste water” 200 000 €
  • Environment department Baden Württemberg Grant 2009 “Electrochemical decomposition of PFT (perfluorinated tensides) in plating waste water and development of a PFT recycling device”
  • 150 000 €
  • UMSICHT Science Award 2011 The prestigious award is presented every year by the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology. “Electrochemical Decomposition of Fluorinated Tensides (FT)”