Rise of Ravens

Wahlpflichtveranstaltung - Gamedesign Workshop
Studierende: Jonas Haller, Andreas Rau, Arthur Zich, Bilel Spannagel, Jonas Kern,
Michael Lorens, Rowen Craik; Salome Dieterle; Sascha Lautenschläger
Betreuung: Jirka Dell'Oro Friedl


Rise of Ravens (I26139-1)

Rise of Ravens is a multiplayer game set in a futuristic world. The goal of the game is to demonstrate the inner workings of fascism and illustrate the rise of a fascist movement by letting the players experience it in a virtual manner. In Rise of Ravens, one player will take on the role as leader of a fascist movement and others will play as their followers. Together they try to fulfil the goal of their movement – total domination.

As the leader, you have to manage your resources and followers in order to steadily grow your influence and power. As your movement grows, you will have to promote some of your followers to care of leadership responsibilities for you. But choose carefully, once your followers have had a taste of power, they might not want to give it up again.

As the follower, it is your responsibility to contribute to your leader’s success. Fulfil the tasks your leader gives you, be a good follower, and eventually you will see the movement flourish. Or maybe you would like to take control for yourself? Rise through the ranks of your movement, gain
power for yourself, and you might just be able to do it.

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