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Mapping of Arousal and Valence through psychophysiological measurement methods for evaluating immersion states in Serious Games

Thesis_HeroldJoachim (I23780-1)

Verfasser: Joachim Herold
Betreuer: Prof. J. Dell´Oro-Friedl, E. Kannegieser 


The measurement of Flow states during an activity without putting the person "out of the Flow" is a difficult task. Psychophysiological measuring methods can be used to determine these states, and in real time, too. With the help of other variables, the measurement is also more accurately. The goal of this bachelor thesis is to map the emotional dimensions Arousal and Valence into the Combined Flow/Immersion Model (Kannegieser et al., 2018).

In the first part, different models, definitions, and topics for the integration of the two dimensions are discussed. In addition, the latest Flow Model by Csikszentmihalyi (1997), the Multi-Level Immersion Model (Cairns et al., 2006) with the later added level dimensions (Cheng et al., 2015), and the Combined Flow/Immersion Model by Kannegieser et al. (2018) are critically reviewed. As a result, two new models are created: One featuring Arousal and Valence as integrated components in a adapted version of Kannegieser et al’s model. In addition, a third emotional dimension, Dominance, is also judicious integrated. Another model from a fundamental criticism of Csikszentmihalyi’s Flow model regarding Flow states in (Serious) games.

In order to verify the new models, test subjects must be measured for their Arousal and Valence while playing a Serious Game. If the possibility of psychophysiological methods of measuring dominance is feasible, such measurement can contribute to the verification of the model presented here and to the more accurate determination of flow states.


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