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Furtwangen one of the top universities in Germany

We are delighted with HFU's consistently good track record in the CHE (Centre for University Development) University Rankings. The broad overview of study locations and programmes gives students background information enabling them to compare universities. Furtwangen University has belonged to the top echelon of universities in Germany for many years.

Top for Internationals

Furtwangen University is the only university of applied sciences in Germany to be included by the Edarabia.com platform in 2021 in their ranking of the TOP 15 German universities for international students. HFU placed sixth due to the outstanding quality of its degree programmes, which combine practical application and innovation.

Edarabia's ranking can be found here: https://www.edarabia.com/best-universities-germany-international-students/ . Edarabia is based in Dubai and its platform provides prospective students with an overview of international offers.

Business Information Systems

"Green light" 14 times in the current CHE Ranking (2020) for the Faculty of Business Information Systems in Furtwangen. The category of "Completion of Degree within reasonable Timeframe" was given especially good evaluations. The Faculty was also highly evaluated for "Workplace Relevance" for bachelor's students. The HFU students gave our University top marks in the areas of "Careers Guidance", "Examinations" and "Support for the Study Semester Abroad", as well as for the "General Study Environment". In the current CHE Ranking for master's programmes, the Faculty is listed in the top group in Germany for "International Orientation".

Business Administration and Engineering

The Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering (WING) also shone in the nationwide comparison. For example, the Faculty was awarded top marks of 100% for "Practical Thesis". The students of the Faculty gave "green" in a range of categories including HFU Lab Equipment, IT Infrastructure and Range of Courses Offered. In the most-recent CHE Ranking, the master's programmes offered by the Faculty were awarded the sought-after "green light", the designation of the front-runners in this category.


Industrial Technologies

The students of Furtwangen University on the Tuttlingen Campus, where the Faculty of Industrial Technologies is located, evaluated their degree programmes very highly in the CHE Rankings. They awarded particularly good evaluations in the categories of "Supervision", "Support", "Examinations" and "Practical Orientation". The facilities are considered outstanding: on average the students gave grades of 1.1 for "Practical Lab Facilities", "Lecture Halls" and "IT Infrastructure".


Mechanical and Medical Engineering

The HFU Faculty of "Mechanical and Medical Engineering" on the Schwenningen Campus also ranks among the best in Germany in the CHE Rankings, in the category of "Initial Study Support". The Faculty was given impressive evaluations in all categories in the areas of "Job Market and Practical Orientation" and "Research" – 100% was given for "Practical Thesis", "Percentage of Professors with Practical Experience outside the University within the last 10 years" and for Research Funding available per Professor.

Computer Science

CHE Ranking 2018: Furtwangen Computer Science top. In the Centre for University Development (CHE) rankings, the Faculty of Computer Science has once more achieved outstanding results. It is ranked one of the best Computer Science courses in the German-speaking area in the categories of "General Study Environment", "Award of Degrees within a reasonable Timeframe, "Initial Study Support", "Workplace Relevance" and "Support from Teaching Staff". Only three other Computer Science programmes besides Furtwangen were awarded only "green points", the highest level possible, in the  ZEIT Study Guide. Students of the Computer Science programmes at HFU consistently evaluate their courses highly: the Faculty also achieved excellent results in the previous two CHE Rankings in 2015 and 2012.

The CHE University Rankings are the most comprehensive and detailed rankings in the German-speaking region in which over 300 universities and universities of applied sciences and over 10,000 students take part. A third of the courses are re-evaluated every year.

Wirtschaftswoche: Furtwangen Computer Science in the top 10 in Germany.

The Faculty of Computer Science at Furtwangen University was awarded top marks by Human Resource managers in German companies in the "Wirtschaftswoche" university rankings for 2017. The focus of the rankings of German universities is on workplace relevance, and here too, the Faculty of Computer Science made it into the top 10 in Germany.

With this outstanding placing the Faculty has confirmed its excellent reputation. It has consistently landed in the top 10 of the Wirtschaftswoche rankings in previous years. Participants were asked which universities prepared students optimally for the needs of businesses. The answer was - those which focus on IT and which offer a broad variety of courses, qualify students best for their start in the workplace. Besides a good grounding in practical experience the HR managers also place a great deal of importance on the character of the applicants.

For the ranking, 540 personnel staff from small, medium and large businesses were asked to take part.


In the 2016 "International Student Barometer"  international students once again awarded Furtwangen University top grades as a place to study. HFU was ranked 5th among the 36 German universities which took part. This excellent result is only one of many top placings which HFU achieved in the worldwide survey in which 182 universities worldwide took part.

HFU also ranked well in the following areas: "Examinations Office" (2nd place in Germany and internationally), "Internationally-oriented Lectures" (3rd place in Germany and internationally), "Tutoring within Buddy Programme" (3rd place in Germany and internationally).

For many international students the teaching and support services at HFU stand out compared to other German universities. They are especially satisfied with the following aspects of teaching at HFU: "Course Organisation (2nd place in Germany), "Quality of Lectures" (3rd in Germany), "Learning Support" (3rd place in Germany), and "Class Size" (3rd place in Germany). In the categories of "Living" and "Support", the level of satisfaction was above the German average in the following areas: "Host Friends" (2nd place) and "Bank Account" (3rd place).

The "International Student Barometer" is the largest study of mobile students and PhD candidates worldwide, with over 150,000 students taking part in the survey. This is not the first time HFU has gained top results in the student Barometer. In 2011 student satisfaction was also very high in the areas of "Learning", "Quality of Lectures", "Living", "Support", "Work Experience" and "Preparation for the Workplace".


In the 2015 BIX library index, the Furtwangen University Libraries have once again achieved the best 4 star ranking - and that's now the third time in a row. The rankings of the best libraries in Germany are compiled every year by the German Library Association. The BIX rankings this year compares 64 academic and 145 public libraries. The HFU libraries have retained the top 4 star grading which they also gained in 2014 and 2013.

In the Germany-wide comparison of Universities of Applied Sciences, only 3 other libraries also gained the top 4 star rating -  Constance University of Applied Sciences, the University of Reutlingen and the University of Neubrandenburg. "We're delighted to have landed in the top group again for the third time," says Prof. Dr. Ullrich Dittler, the Academic Director of the HFU Libraries. "As a university library on 3 different campuses, we focus strongly on offering a wide range of electronic books, magazines and databanks - and an outstanding advisory service."