Tuttlingen Campus

The newest and smallest HFU campus is located in Tuttlingen (c. 35,000 inhabitants), a busy town approximately 30 kilometres east of Schwenningen and 60 kilometres east of Furtwangen. As a shopping and services hub for the surrounding area, there are many businesses, shops and restaurants in and around the pedestrianized town centre, and weekly markets are held in the central marketplace. Although Tuttlingen is situated in a lush green valley surrounded by unspoilt countryside, the town and region of Tuttlingen form Europe's biggest medical technology cluster, home to more than 400 surgical equipment companies in the town and immediate vicinity. Among these are a number of global players, the largest employing almost 3000 people in the development and production of innovative surgical instruments and state-of-the-art implant technologies. Fifty percent of the world's surgical equipment is manufactured here.

The town has a long history of precision and craftmanship, represented by the modern "Instrument maker" sculpture in the centre of the marketplace. The first iron works, set up at the end of the 17th century to take advantage of local raw materials and to use the River Danube for water power and transport, led to the establishment of nailworks and cutlers, and Tuttlingen became well-known for the production of table knives. In the second half of the 19th Century some cutlers began specialising in the production of medical instruments, laying the foundations for the flourishing medical instruments industry of today.

Tuttlingen grew up around the medieval castle on the Honberg Hill. Today the wooded hill, topped with its castle ruin, is the landmark of the town and a picturesque location for events and concerts in summer. The rest of the town is relatively "modern" having been completely rebuilt after the great fire of 1803, with wide streets and houses built in a chessboard pattern around a central square. This gave rise to the town's nickname, the "square town" which is reflected in the town logo. The beautifully landscaped Danube Park stretches along the banks of the River Danube through the centre of Tuttlingen. In summer, people enjoy the mediterranean atmosphere, strolling along the waterfront, relaxing on terraced seating or recliner benches, eating in the outdoor restaurants, or even getting out on the water in rented boats.

Two well-known cycle paths run through the park, making Tuttlingen a great place to start exploring the stunning scenery of the surrounding area. The Swabian Alb region around Tuttlingen, with its forested foothills, dramatic caves and rugged limestone cliffs in the Danube River valley, is one of the most scenic areas in Baden-Württemberg, making it popular for hiking, cycling, climbing, canoeing and winter sports. In addition to unspoilt nature, the towns and cities of the area are famous for their picturesque, historic half-timbered houses and idyllic market places, as well as the many well-preserved medieval castles.

HFU's youngest campus in Tuttlingen was set up in 2009 in partnership with local and regional authorities and industry to meet the high demand of local and regional industry for skilled employees. It is an academic model unique in Germany, where industry works hand-in-hand with the University to design cutting-edge, workplace-relevant courses. Industry specialists teach on the programmes, case studies and assignments are sourced directly from partner companies, and students gain practical experience on their doorstep in local companies. The campus currently has one faculty — The Faculty of Industrial Technologies — which offers a range of practical and innovative engineering courses. Around 600 students are currently taking bachelor's and master's degrees in Tuttlingen. The campus itself is a fascinating combination of contemporary architecture and industrial renovation, reflecting Tuttlingen's manufacturing legacy. Close to the campus is the latest addition to HFU in Tuttlingen, the Innovation and Research Centre (IFC), which opened its doors in summer 2018. Besides providing facilities for HFU research and development projects, the IFC also supports regional SMEs, entrepreneurs and start-ups by providing access to the R&D facilities of HFU and opportunities to network.

According to our students, what makes the HFU campus inTuttlingen so special is the friendly atmosphere and personal support. Because the campus is small, it's easy to get to know staff and students from other courses. Contact with professors is easy thanks to an open door policy, and service staff in the library and student centre, for example, are always happy to help and give advice. Tuttlingen also has a very active campus life. The students' union runs various sports clubs and regular campus events, such as parties, football and laser tag tournaments, and barbecues in summer. There are football, climbing, swimming, bouldering and ultimate frisbee clubs, and for only €35/semester, students also have access to the complete sports programme of the Tuttlingen Sports Club. The location of the campus in the centre of town makes it convenient for everything, and a range of student discounts for bars, restaurants, the thermal baths and even boat rentals, make it easy for our students to take advantage of what the town has to offer off-campus, too.

Tips for your free time in and around Tuttlingen

Tip: Check out what our other campuses in Schwenningen and Furtwangen have to offer too.

Things to do for free
Take part in activities run by the student union such as football or laser tag tournaments. (student clubs on Tuttlingen Campus website)
Climb up to the ruin of the Honberg Castle for a great view over the town. (video of Honberg Castle)
Relax in a hammock or a recliner bench on the banks of the River Danube in the centre of Tuttlingen. (DonauPark)
Wander round a market – there are farmers' markets twice a week and special markets, such as the ones at Easter and Christmas. (Tuttlingen markets)
Cross the River Danube in summer without getting your feet wet. (River Danube sinkhole)
Go for a hike. There are 150 kilometers of marked hiking paths in the area around Tuttlingen. (External link opens in a new window:hiking trails around Tuttlingen)
Enjoy concerts free of charge in the beer garden at the Honberg Summer Festival.
Find out more about local history or enjoy some art free of charge at a local museum or art gallery. (Heritage Museum, Tuttlingen Gallery, Aesculap Surgical Museum)
Things to do on a student budget
Take advantage of the full programme of activities offered by the local sports club with their special student discount. (Tuttlingen Sports Club programme)
Mess about on the river. Rent a paddle boat in town (paddle boat video) or go on a canoe trip down the River Danube. (External link opens in a new window:Upper Danube Nature Park)
Buy a student subscription to the world-class cultural events run by the Town of Tuttlingen. (cultural programme)
Rent a bike and go on a bike tour, for example along the Danube Valley – the Swabian "Grand Canyon" – or down to Lake Constance. (bike tours)
Join in the carnival festivities during Fasnet. (video of Tuttlingen Fasnet parade)
Explore other towns in the area with the local circle train, for example, the beautiful medieval towns of Villingen, Bräunlingen or Rottweil, or Donaueschingen with its famous Fürstenberg Palace. (circle train map)
Go cross-country skiiing in winter on the trails around Tuttlingen. (cross-country skiing trails)
Take part in a fun run through the Danube Valley – run a 5K, a 10K or a half-marathon, or go the whole way and run a marathon. (fun run information)
Things to save up for
Go downhill skiiing at the largest resort in the Black Forest, or try out snowshoeing. (skiing on the Feldberg) and (snowshoeing in the Black Forest)
Enjoy one of the many summer music festivals in the area, such as the Honbergsommer and the Southside in and near Tuttlingen, the Hohentwiel Festival near Singen, or the Tent Festival in Freiburg.
Rent a car and do a tour of the southern Black Forest. (External link opens in a new window:southern Black Forest road trip video)
Take a trip through the Black Forest in an historic steam engine on the Sauschwänzlebahn railway. The local circle train will take you to the starting point in Zollhaus. (circle train map)
Visit Triberg at Christmas to wander round the magical Christmas market and see Germany's highest waterfalls lit up. (External link opens in a new window:Triberg waterfalls)
Go for a romantic ride through the Black Forest in a horse-drawn carriage in summer, or sleigh in winter.
Do a tandem parachute jump at Schwenningen airport.
Relax in a spa. There are many to choose from, for example, in Tuttlingen, in nearby in Bad Dürrheim, in the Black Forest or on Lake Constance. And many offer student discounts! (External link opens in a new window:spas in the Black Forest) or (spas on Lake Constance)
Mingle with the rich and famous for a day in Baden-Baden with its high-class shops, cafés, famous thermal waters and historic casino. (Baden-Baden video)
Rent a car for the day and enjoy the wonderful mediterranean atmosphere on Lake Constance. (10 things to do at Lake Constance)
Take in a Schwenningen Wild Wings hockey game. The team plays in the German national league.
Catch the train to Stuttgart or Freiburg (Germany), Straßburg (France) or Zürich (Switzerland) for the day. (videos of Stuttgart, Freiburg, Zürich and Straßburg)
Get your thrills at Europapark, one of the best funparks in Germany.
Go on a road trip and visit several countries in one day, e.g. Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria, or Switzerland and France. (video of weekend road trip through Germany, Switzerland and Austria)
Visit a fairytale castle such as Sigmaringen or Hohenzollern.