Teaching excellence

HFU Teaching prize

The HFU Teaching Prize is awarded to teachers of the university and aims to support qualitative, innovative teaching in a sustainable manner. Both professors and lecturers of HFU can be nominated for the prize.

The prize is awarded annually and the winner is decided by means of the following multi-step process:

Every semester students nominate courses for the HFU Teaching Prize. 

Step 1: All students who attend the nominated course have the opportunity the evaluate the course using various criteria (topicality and quality of teaching content, innovative teaching approaches, supervision and support in the course, teacher's personality, teaching style).

Step 2: The courses which come out top in these student evaluations are then reviewed by a commission made up of internal and external advisors who select the winner using further criteria.

Any course which has been awarded the HFU Teaching Prize is ineligible for nomination for the next 2 semesters. A course can only be awarded with the HFU Teaching Prize a maximum of 3 times.

The HFU Teaching Prize, which was initiated in the winter semester of 2014/2015 and is the successor to the HFU e-Teaching Award.

2017 Teaching Prize for Prof. Dr. Andreas Gollwitzer

For the 2017 HFU Teaching Prize a total of 106 student nominations were submitted to the Information and Media Centre. Of the 106 nominations, 60 courses took part in the selection procedure. The winner was chosen from these courses by a jury of specialists.

"Digital electronics and microprocessor technology" by Professor Dr. Andreas Gollwitzer

The Digital electronics and microporcessor technology course consists of two parts: the first covers the principles of digital engineering which is taught in lectures, practicals and labs. In the second part of the course, students learn to program microcontroller systems. As practical application is very important, the students can borrow the hardware system and prepare the lab experiments at home. To motivate students and clarify the process, the hardware is coupled with a Fischertechnik construction, e.g. the control of assembly line motors and photo-electric barriers. This motivates the student groups to find the best possible way to solve the tasks.

Why did this course receive the HFU Teaching Prize?

Students nominated Professor Gollwitzer because the course is well planned and structured. They also praise the high quality of his teaching and teaching materials, which incorporate media including video tutorials and an online self-test. Practicals usefully connect theory with practice.

In 2013, Professor Gollwitzer received the HFU E-Teaching Award for his "Electrical Engineering 2" course. The E-Teaching award, the predecessor to the HFU Teaching Prize, recognized particularly good integration of electronic media in teaching. Professor Gollwitzer is the first to receive both prizes.