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SEED at a glance


bud-helisson-465328-unsplash --- Image by © unsplash/Bud Helisson

The list of outstanding people and organizations below give a brief overview of the broad range of SEED:

    Prof. Dr. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker, the person who came up with the idea of the German Energy Revolution and current Co-President of the Club of Rome, followed with factor 5 the demand for a multiple resource efficiency. He regards factor 5 as the "Formula for sustainable growth". Technological innovations are an important component of this.

  • newFAW (Institute for Application Oriented Knowledge Processing )
    Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Franz-Josef Radermacher makes a plea for a Global Marshal Plan for SEED. As the former Director of the Institute for Application Oriented Knowledge Processing (FAW) in Ulm and founder of the newFAW, knowledge management methodologies and technologies form the basis of his demands. These follow in the complex context of globalization processes which also take the world finance system, microcredits and the African continent into consideration.

  • UN Sustainable Development Goals
    The UN Sustainability Goals defined 17 goals for SEED and recommendations for action. They were accepted by 193 countries in September 2015 and will last until 2030.

  • Tang Prize, Sustainable Development
    The Tang Prize, the "Asiatic Nobel Prize", is awarded in 4 areas not covered by the Nobel Prize, one of which is Sustainable Development. The prize, which has been awarded every second year since 2014, includes prizemoney in the amount of US$1.7million.

    Video Statements of Tang prizewinners
    Gro Brundtland (Our common future)
    Arthur H. Rosenfeld (Initiator of the Energy Efficiency Programme in the USA)
    James E. Hansen (long-standing Director of the NASA Godddard Institute for Space Studies)

  • Interview with Prof. Dr. Lotfi Zadeh
    Berkeley University, founder of the 1st Computer Science degree programme in the world and inventor of "Fuzzy Logic".
    The interview was carried out in 2013 after his keynote speech at the IEEE Digital Ecosystems and Smart Technologies Conference (by Prof. Dr. Achim Karduck, General Co-Chair).