Honeyversity and more

More SEED activities at HFU


boris-smokrovic-174784-unsplash --- Image by © unsplash/Boris Smokrovic

  • Guckloch Cinema Furtwangen
    Former Office for Sustainable Development colleague Felix Hollerbach initiated the "Weitwinkel – Filme mit Zukunft" film series on a volunteer basis in cooperation with the local Guckloch Cinema.
  • Honeyversity
    The University Honeyversity beehive initiative in front of the I Building was organized by Axel Heinzmann in cooperation with the local Beekeeping Club.
  • Swifts and kestrels nest on campus
    Axel Heinzmann also set up the initiative for nesting boxes for swifts on the Furtwangen Campus and for kestrels on the Schwenningen Campus. The Initiative is a wonderful example of how biodiversity can be supported on campus. Webcams in the boxes let us see inside the homes of our campus roommates.
  • Studium Generale
    Many of the lectures in the Studium Generale lecture series are related to sustainability thanks to Prof. Dr. Eduard Heindl who organizes the series.
  • Solar collectors
    Solar collectors have been installed extensively on the rooves of the HFU buildings.