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Safety culture

The "kommmitmensch" campaign

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Accidents often happen due to a lack of communication. The "kommmitmensch" campaign was set up to deal with this, making people aware of dangers.

This video was produced during a project at the Faculty of Health, Safety, Society which was supervised by Prof. Dr. Arno Weber.

More safety through more communication

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Safe. Healthy. Together

Communication is only one of six areas which the "kommmitmensch" campaign deals with. The others are leadership, participation, an error-prevention culture, the atmosphere at work, and health and safety. In the "kommmitmensch" campaign, Furtwangen University is cooperating with the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) which represents the occupational health and safety associations and accident insurance bodies in the public sector.

In a nutshell, it deals with corporate culture in the sense of prevention in the area of health and safety. The aim is to further reduce accidents and health hazards in Germany. The cooperation will be accompanied with projects, events and workshops, both within the University, and externally supporting the campaign. A further partner in the campaign and for the University is the Federation of Health, Safety and Environmental Protection (VDSI).

Within the framework of the cooperation, HFU participated in the 6th University Conference, "Digital University: New forms of work – New forms of prevention" of the DGUV from 16th to 18th September 2019 in Dresden.

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