Semester ticket - VSB Student Card

Semester tickets are most inexpensive way to stay mobile for a whole semester. For example, the VSB semester ticket costs only approximately €28 a month and can be used for 6 months. What's more, with the ticket students can relax or study on the way to university instead of having to concentrate on manoevering the curves of the Black Forest roads. The ticket can also be used at the weekend for leisure trips. Semester tickets are offered by External link opens in a new window:VSB and External link opens in a new window:TUTticket.

Check with the local public transport company whether the ticket can be extended for semesters carried out outside Furtwangen. For example, recently the External link opens in a new window:VVS offered an inexpensive and environmentally friendly deal which allowed ticket holders to use the ticket during an internship in Stuttgart.



Semester tickets (I18299-1)

The VSB Student Card costs €170 and is valid anywhere in the Schwarzwald-Baar region in all German Rail buses, circle route trains and local trains with the exception of IC, EC and ICE trains. During the week from 2.00pm on and at weekends, it is also valid on the routes of the neighbouring networks, VVR and TUTicket. At about €28 per month, the VSB Student Card is the best deal currently available for students commuting daily to the Furtwangen and Schwenningen Campuses.

The Semester ticket can only be purchased in the VSB Customer Center in Villingen. (Bahnhofstraße 5) and at HFU in Schwenningen (card payments only). For further information please contact the VSB Customer Centre in Villingen or check the External link opens in a new window:VSB website.


Semester tickets (I18300-1)

The TUTicket Student Card costs €131,20 and is valid for travel in all zones within this tariff for one semester. This ticket also has special regulations allowing it to be used during the week after 2.00pm and at the weekend all day on the neighbouring public transport systems, VVR and VSB. At approximately €21.80 per month, the Student Card is the best deal currently available for students commuting to the Tuttlingen Campus.

The TUTicket Student Card can be bought in the TUTicket Customer Service Centre in Tuttlingen or in the Municipal Office (Bürgerbüro) in Trossingen.
For further information, please contact the TUTicket Customer Service Centre in Tuttlingen or check their website.


Semester tickets (I18493-1)

Students who commute daily from the Freiburg area to the HFU campus in Furtwangen can use the RVF student ticket, the" RegioKarte Schüler" ticket, which €44 per month, and €37.30 with a season ticket. Please note that for travel before 2.00pm, an additional ticket must be bought to reach Furtwangen. After 2.00pm and at weekends the "Fanta 5" regulation applies, which allows additional travel to Lörrach and Offenburg, for example.

On buying a RegioKarte Schüler ticket, you must also present a ticket which has to be stamped in the University Examinations Office (Prüfungsamt). The Regiokarte Schüler ticket can be ordered by completing an online form and received by post, or can be bought in various places in and around Freiburg, such as in the SBG customer service centre at the Freiburg main railway station.

Further information can be found at the points of sale or on the External link opens in a new window:rvf website.


Semester tickets (I18301-1)

The Student Card can be extended to include one or both of the other public transport systems (VSB, VVR and TUTicket). This is less expensive than buying the tickets individually. This is useful for students who have to travel between all three campuses or who have to travel outside a single public transport area.

CombinationCostCost per month
2 areas€248.00€41.00
3 areas€344.00€57.00

Further information can be found on the websites of the three public transport systems.


Semester tickets (I2007-1)

Public servants are entitled to a discount of €25 per month on a yearly public transport ticket. For information and prices please check with the applicable public transport company or German Rail. Application for the ticket and discount is carried out over the state government customer service portal. The order should be placed between the 10th and 15th day of the month prior to travelling.

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