HFU cooperates with flinc.org to support ridesharing among students and staff because mobility, sustainability and economy of resources are important for our university. We have our own university group which can be contacted through the following website: www.flinc.org/hfu

Please note: register with your HFU "@hs-furtwangen.de" email address.

The idea behind flinc
Over half of the university members drive alone in their own cars to lectures or to their workplace. The result is increasing traffic, lack of parking spots and last but not least, an enormous strain on the environment and high costs for those concerned.

Reasons why ridesharing does not take place:

  • flexible work or lecture times
  • lack of information about who has a similar route
  • too much trouble to arrange car pooling
  • insecurity/lack of information

Advantage: With flinc you can arrange a trip spontaneously or plan a fixed rideshare group.

1. Enter your route (non-binding agreement).
2. Do nothing - flinc informs you if someone wants to drive with you.
3. Pick up the passenger.

1. Enter the route you need a ride for (non-binding agreement).
2. Do nothing - flinc informs you if there is a suitable driver.
3. Contact the driver.

flinc lets you know immediately when there are new offers and passengers, for example by push notification or SMS on your mobile, or by email. The flinc algorithm finds passengers along the whole route, so the possibility of matching up drivers and passengers is much higher than other ridesharing systems.

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