Ridesharing (I2002-1)

Ridesharing is a simple way to reduce our ecological footprint because the amount of fuel used and emissions produced is shared among several people. Ridesharing has the following advantages:

  • easier to find a parking spot
  • easy to book at short notice
  • long-term planning possible to find the best possible ride
  • long-term, regular ridesharing groups can be set up
  • environmentally friendly

HFU is encouraging the use of ridesharing in several ways:


    There are now more than 1.5 million users across Germany registered on Fahrgemeinschaft.de. Local platforms are set up in cooperation with the ADAC. Besides the South Baden commuter network which is centred around Freiburg, there is now also a service for all HFU locations. On the Fahrgemeinschaft.de website you can post offers free of charge and thus significantly reduce fuel costs by arranging to travel regularly with other people. The ability to select an HFU meeting point at all HFU locations, makes it even easier to make arrangements.


    While Fahrgemeinschaft.de has already been in existence for several years, Zify is quite new. Over the app, trips within the region can be searched for spontaneously and arranged between the driver and the passenger at the same time. The app, available for iOS and Android, should be installed so that you can arrange a spontaneous ride home right after your lecture

    Mitfahrzentrale Furtwangen

    The closed facebook group "Mitfahrzentrale Furtwangen“, which was set up more than 7 years ago, can be joined by contacting the administrator. Students and staff post requests for and offers of rides through the group.

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    Get everywhere. Leave from anywhere. The free BlaBlaCar platform allows you to post ride offers and requests. Upon registration you can search for the ride you need from among the millions in your area. Every ride organized over the BlaBlaCar platform is also insured free of charge. In addition, all profiles and ads are checked in advance.

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