Support of bikes at HFU

e-bikes & bikes (I18291-1)

Bikes can be used for commuting as well as for sport. They are especially useful for getting your system going again after a hard day of lectures. Our students and staff have the advantage of being able to enjoy the wonderful countryside of the Black Forest region and the area around the source of the Danube. So there are plenty of good reasons to leave the car at home, forget the bus and just use your own legs. Pedelecs (a type of e-bike) are also increasing in popularity especially in rural areas, where they help commuters deal with long distances and steep hills.

All HFU campuses have adequate parking facilities. The individual situation on each campus is detailed below.


Since summer semester 2018, students on the Furtwangen Campus can leave bikes in a secure compound near the C Building. Access is via the HFU card, which must be activated in advance at the central workshop in B Building.

As soon as students arrive in Furtwangen they realize that HFU's reputation as the highest university in Germany is correct. That's why it's worth using a pedelec for daytrips, for example to the Brend or to Unterkirnach. Students can rent e-bikes at inexpensive rates from Gasthaus Bad. Daily rentals are €10 instead of €15.

Address: Baumannstraße 26, 78120 Furtwangen
Telephone: 07723/2992
Opening hours: 10.00 - 2.00pm & 5.00pm - midnight; closed Mondays
E-bike types: 2 Corratec and Treck e-mountain bikes with a range of approx. 30 to 50 km


e-bikes & bikes (I18297-1)

For the first time in summer semester 2018, a bike check was carried out on the HFU campus in Schwenningen in cooperation with AOK Health Insurance and the German Bicycle Association (ADFC). Students could have their bikes checked free of charge and have small problems fixed on the spot. The event was so popular, a repeat is planned for the beginning of the 2019 bike season. Until then, bike enthusiasts can check out the ADFC website for more tips and tricks on how to look after their bikes.


As part of the LENA Interregs project, a close-knit charging network for e-vehicles and pedelecs has been set up in Tuttlingen. There are 3 charging stations for pedelecs in the town: in the Donaupark, am Golem and near the Town Hall, which can all be used free of charge. Click here for the exact locations.

At the beginning of 2017 a bicycle trailer was purchased for the University Campus in Tuttlingen as part of the mobility project. It is currently used for deliveries within Tuttlingen but in the future it is planned to allow students to use the trailer, too. Students will develop an appropriate concept as part of the E-mobility elective which will be offered during the winter semester of 2018/2019.