Bus Connections

Furtwangen local bus services (the Bürgerbus)

The Bürgerbus is the local bus service in Furtwangen. Special student prices: a multi-trip ticket costs €22 for 40 trips.

Bus timetable

More information can be found here: buergerbus-furtwangen.de


Bus Service - Furtwangen

Furtwangen - Villingen

The service runs between Furtwangen-Rössleplatz and Villingen railway station. Most services are direct. A dail-a-bus service runs at night and on weekends.

The timetable is set up where possible to make the bus connections to Bleibach and on to Freiburg, and in Villingen to connect with the trains to Rottweil.

Current timetables can be found under www.v-s-b.de. Electronic timetable information can also be found on the Baden-Württemberg transport information website (www.efa-bw.de) and on the German Rail website (www.bahn.de).

Freiburg - Furtwangen

On Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, an 8-seater minibus runs from Simonswald at 23.30 to Furtwangen connecting at Mattenhof with the last bus from Waldkirch (with Breisgau-S-Bahn from Freiburg at 22.30).



Bus service - Schwenningen

Constance - Schwenningen - Berlin

Flixbus travels to Constance and Berlin from Schwenningen. The bus stop is in Schützenstraße (Rößleplatz) in Schwenningen opposite the Cineplex cinemas.


Freiburg - Schwenningen - München

DeinBus.de offers a service to and from Schwenningen. The bus stop is in Schützenstraße (Rößleplatz) opposite the Cineplex cinemas.