Concept development and implementation of a system for automated analysis of the condition of cycle paths

Problem definition

In the development of new mobility concepts, bicycles, e-bikes and cargo bikes are indispensable. The industrial development of bicycle logistics and digital bicycle route planning is advancing. However, with the continuing increase in the number of cyclists, the demands on cycle paths and all other routes traveled by bicycle are increasing. The provision of relevant information on cycling infrastructure is an important part of the future development of the cycling sector and contributes to an environmentally sound mobility transition.

Project goal

The core objective of ABPA (Automatic Bike Path Analysis) is the research of an AI-based monitoring of the quality as well as the state of bike paths. In addition to the analysis of the current state and the definition of the target state of the data situation, prototypically automated, AI-based procedures for the analysis of the passability of paths will be investigated exploratively. Information on the road surface and obstacles will be provided digitally in an open data format and its usability in the field of bicycle logistics, bicycle route planning and process optimization of path maintenance will be evaluated.


In a first conceptual phase, an inventory and requirements analysis of the data infrastructure in the cycling sector and conceptual preparatory work for the development of demonstrators and their testing will be carried out. Based on this, AI-based analysis procedures of a mobile application for the collection of route information and a cloud-based guidance system will be developed and researched. Following application testing in bicycle traffic, the results will be exploited and a concept for data integration and provision will be developed.

Project partners

  • Outdooractive, Immenstadt
  • Offenburg University, Offenburg

Funded by

ABPA research project (I30929-1)
ABPA research project (I30929-2)

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