Fighting the lack of movement

One of the major causes of tension or chronic back problems is lack of movement. This lack of movement can lead to pain, concentration problems, fatigue and other lifestyle problems.

To avoid muscular imbalance and to compensate for the pressures of daily work, a project group from the Applied Health Sciences programme has developed a specially customized exercise programme in the form of videos. These make it possible to have an active break. The exercises release tension and strengthen muscles, but they are also relaxing, helping to maintain or improve health. The aim is to avoid  health problems.

Course project group: Nina Wünst, Shirin Völker, Michael Schwanz, Carolin Rheinberger, Annette Reichmann
Project supervisors: Prof. Dr. Kirsten Steinhausen and Tanja Schick

Stretching exercises with the theraband

Active breaks (I10477-1)

This poster shows exercises for the legs, lower back and the upper back.

Download the "Active break" poster as a PDF.

Active Break videos

Basic posture - optimal posture while sitting

Basic posture – optimal posture while standing

Neck stretching 1

Neck stretching 2

Neck: rolling your shoulders

Neck: rolling your head

Back: head rotation

Back: tilting your pelvis

Back: apple picking

Back: arm rotation

Back: reverse butterfly

Back: diagonal streching of arms and legs

Legs: lunges

Legs: knee bends

Legs: pyriformis stretching

Legs: rocking on your tiptoes

Coordination exercise