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Tolerance and equal opportunity

Advice on sexual harrassment

Furtwangen University aims to support trust-based working relationships and a good work and study environment, and to protect its members from sexual harrassment, discrimination and bullying. With these aims and within this context, guidelines have been produced for those affected which outline codes of conduct, responsibilities and measures provided.

Guidelines on discrimination and bullying

What is sexual harrassment? It is not easy to define sexual harrassment as both objective and subjective components are involved. Sexual harrassment is recognizable by the lack of desire for a certain type of behaviour. The General Equal Treatment Act (Allgemeine Gleichbehandlungsgesetz) gives the following definition: "Sexual harrassment is said to be existent if an undesired sexually determined behaviour, which includes undesired sexual acts and requests, sexually motivated touching, comments of a sexual nature and unwanted pointing to and showing of pornographic materials, with the purpose of or the effect that the dignity of the person affected is violated, especially if an atmosphere of intimidation, hostility, humiliation, degradation or insulting behaviour is created." (Definition according to § 3 Abs. 4 AGG).

The university Equal Opportunities Representative will advise you in cases of sexual harrassment.

A list of helplines in Schwarzwald-Baar-Kreis on this flyer from the County Council.

Dual Career Service

Furtwangen University supports the partners of new employees in management positions when they arrive in the region and in their job search. We are members of 2 Dual Career networks which include numerous universities, businesses and organizations:

  • Oberrhein Dual Career Network
    Networking of the Upper Rhine region from Basel and Freiburg to Straßburg
  • 2 careers come together
    Network for the Lake Constance area from Furtwangen to Friedrichshafen

The Dual Career Service offers advice and support in:

  • Job search of partners who have also moved to the area
  • Provision of contacts to possible employers over the Dual Career Network
  • Information about living in the area
  • Information about childcare and the HFU as a family-friendly employer

Family-friendly University

Tolerance and equal opportunity (I1980-1)

Furtwangen University is committed to providing equal opportunities and a successful balance between work or study and family.

For HFU, the family is a social network that includes not only the traditional nuclear family but also, in particular, single mothers and fathers, unmarried and same-sex couples and "blended/patchwork families". Family means: a lifelong, cross-generational alliance of parents, children, and other relatives, characterised by a sense of responsibility for one another.

Furtwangen University supports staff and students in equal participation in university life and in finding the right balance between family/private life and the everday work/study life. The services we offer can be found below.

Senate Advisory Commission for Gender & Diversity

The Commission consists of members from the faculties and central services, as well as the Deputy Equal Opportunities Representatives. The Commission meets once a semester and is chaired by the Equal Opportunity Representative.

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