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How to found a company and gain start-up experience

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You'd like to start your own company but don't know how to deal with the challenges involved? Then come to us! At the Tuttlingen Innovation and Research Center of HFU you're in the right place with your start-up idea. We can ...

  • tell you what the financing option are
  • support you in writing your business plan
  • introduce you to networks important for would-be entrepreneurs, and much more...

The entrepreneurship initiative, which is funded by the Ministry of Science, Research and The Arts, has officially been in place at the IFC since spring of 2019 and will run for 2 years. The project aims to facilitate the path to self-employment by offering a range of operative and strategic support initiatives on all university campuses.

Who is "ready-study-go" aimed at?

  • HFU students
  • Graduates
  • University staff

What steps are involved in the project?

  • Register for the cross-faculty course to gain the theoretical and practical know-how you need as an entrepreneur ( Entrepreneurship elective – principles, simulation, prototyping, practical)
  • Exchange ideas with other would-be entrepreneurs, experienced entrepreneurs, potential partners or investors on the FIFIG platform
  • Actually implement your business idea with our support
  • We take the next step! The Furtwangen Entrepreneurship Center will become the  university centre for entrepreneurship

What advisory and supervisory services do we provide?

  • Individual coaching on how to implement your start-up ideas effectively
  • Access to networks which provide young entrepreneurs with a distinct advantage in the realization of their ideas
  • Professors as mentors in specific areas
  • Advice on financing options and applications for grants
  • Organization of talks and get together events on the topic of entrepreneurship
  • Opportunities to use existing infrastructure in workshops and labs, as well as office and meeting rooms

Come and take a look around the IFC for yourself to get an idea of the facilities and services we have to offer you as a young would-be entrepreneur!

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Contact details

Get in touch with the entrepreneurship coordinators on your campus or the central office.


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