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Prof. Dr. Melanie Seemann

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Professor for Human Resource Management
Coordinator for USA, Canada
Internship Coordinator
for the study programs IBW, BMP, IBM

Curriculum Vitae

2019 - 2012Leadership and organizational development, Robert Bosch GmbH, headquarters
2011 - 2009 Globale HR projects, Robert Bosch GmbH, IT sector
2009 - 2008Human Resource department, Robert Bosch GmbH, Leonberg
2008 - 2007Human Resource department, TWT GmbH
2007 - 2004Knowledge Management, Corporate Academy, Daimler AG
 Systemic consultant certified by Dr. Klaus Doppler
 Doctorial program at the University of Konstanz (Dr. rer. nat.)
 Studies in psychology at the University of Konstanz (Diplom Psychologin)


Field of research and / or teaching

- Human Resource Management

- HR Analytics

- Leadership

- Industrial and Organizational Psychology

- Decision making in groups and organisations