Carbides and Ceramics Work Group

The "Carbides and Ceramics" work group was founded in January 2015, following on from the success of the "Grinding Technology" group founded in 1997. Contrary to the previous group which focused on the grinding of metals, the new work group focuses on the machining of carbide and ceramic materials.

The aims of the group include:

  • Development of new processes for the machining of carbides and ceramics, e.g. laser and ultrasound supported machining, use of magnet-bearing spindles, new dressing processes, etc.
  • Development of new grinding and dressing tools
  • Optimization of coolant lubricants and its supply/filtration
  • Optimization of the processes (Productivity and reduction of machining time by means of integrated optimization of grinding and superfinishing processes)
  • Measures to reduce thermal damage
  • Reduction of crack formation and extension; blow outs
  • Improvement of the surface finish and reduction of the peripheral zone influence

There are currently 12 prestigious firms in the "Carbides and Ceramics" Work Group:

Membership is particularly interesting for firms working in the following areas:

  • manufacture and/machining of carbides and ceramics
  • in field of medical technology (e.g. manufacturers of implants)
  • manufacture of abrasives, tools or machine tools
  • production of coolant lubricants
  • manufacture of measuring instruments and measurement and control devices for roughness measurement or contour measurement
  • production of monitoring technologies
  • manufacture of filter systems
  • software production