For more than 17 years, the KSF has been working on the continually growing problems of the processing of new materials and the growing demands of machining, particularly in the area of grinding processes, but also in the area of unconvential chip control processes (e.g. oscillation and laser assisted). Besides research, teaching is also an important part of our work. We also offer doctoral opportunities.

We offer our partners in industry both at home and abroad, concrete, innovative solutions for workplace-related problem cases. In the "Grinding Technology Work Group" founded in 1997 there are currently more than 20 companies, and in the "Carbides and Ceramics Work Group" founded in 2015, more than 10 well-known firms, working together with the aim of optimizing and further developing specific manufacturing processes.

What we offer

  • Optimization of machining processes (geometrically defined and undefined)
  • Optimization of superfinishing
  • Solutions for machining production and superfinishing problems for industry
  • Tool development
  • Machine tool development
  • Seminars
  • Professional development seminars for industry
  • Training of students, assignment and supervision of thesis and coursework
  • Assignment and supervision of PhDs
  • International contacts and cooperation with other research insititutes worldwide
  • Literature review for industry partners


Contact details