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The Institute for Smart Systems (ISS) headed by Prof. Dr. Dirk Benyoucef has been working for many years on scientific questions of digital signal processing and embedded systems. The research institute has a long tradition having emerged from the Signal Processing Research Group, the Digital Communication & Signal Processing and the Lab for Intelligence and High Frequency Technology. The result was a focus of the research work in the area of applied signal processing and embedded systems in the context of Smart Systems.

Current Research Projects

The research institute works on various interdisciplinary research projects together with social scientists, microsystems technologists and sensor specialists.

Current projects are:

  • Automatic Classification of Objects on their Shades of Colour  using Consumer CMOS Sensors (WhiteStone)
  • Intelligent Energy Monitoring: NILM
  • iZähler
  • Internal link opens in the same window:iSendi
  • Min-I-Dos
  • High End embedded systems

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