High-frequency Technology Focus

As a result of previous projects in the field of dielectric heating, LAMS has developed a specialization in high-frequency technology which covers the following areas:

  • Impedance matching simulations and calculations
  • FEM simulation and calculation of electrode arrangement for dielectric heating
  • Construction and development of matchboxes (matching networks)
  • Development of special controllers with high tracking speed and 100% parameter recording
  • Production of prototypes for matching networks and control systems
  • Development of high-frequency and impedance measurement technology
  • EMV measurements on high-frequency technology systems
  • Development of HF processes for dielectric heating
  • Development of controlling software for dielectric heating

There are various special pieces of equipment available in the lab for use in high-frequency technology activities (primarily ISM frequencies below 100 MHz). In addition we have access to further special equipment through our excellent company contacts.

Equipment available in the lab:

  • High-frequency generators up to 1.2kW at 13.56 MHz
  • Vector impedance meter up to 110MHz with HPIB interface and special self-designed software for use as one-door network analyzer and impedance spectral analyzer
  • Spectrum analyzer 6 GHz
  • Near-field probe for electrical and magnetic field

In addition we have in our own shop stores of hubs, enameled copper wire, high-frequency litz wire, ceramic and vacuum capacitors, PTFE semi-finished products and other mechanical materials, as well as the know-how for high-voltage and high-frequency manufacture of test systems up to the kW-range. Through our central workshop and its supply channels, 100% industry-compatible prototypes can also be produced and expertly assembled in the LAMS lab.