We carry out innovative projects which are generally financed by funding programmes, in the fields of automated mechanical engineering, mechatronics (including building climate control technology) and power electronics. Additionally, we have expertise in medium-sized high frequency applications. The involvement of motivated students is welcomed.

The HF-based and robot-supported plastics forming equipment and automatic plastics analysis equipment which we have developed, is already being used in industry at one of our regional transfer partners.

The LAMS laboratory is equipped with its own workshop (M-1.83) with a lathe, grinding machine, drill presses and all standard mechanical hand tools. This means small mechanical additions and adaptations to a prototype can be made immediately on the spot. More complex and demanding constructions are carried out in SolidWorks, then sent by email to the central workshop to be transferred via SolidCAM to the CNC machines.

The actual R&D lab (M-1.77) is equipped with a broad range of measuring instruments which are operated by skilled employees or by students under their supervision. We are especially well-equipped with special instruments in the area of high frequency due to our involvement in such projects in the past. A separate room (M-1.04) is set aside for student projects but this can also be used for seminar-type instruction.