New nursing technologies and qualifications in acute care clinic in Freiburg Nursing Practice Centre (PPZ)

Innovative technical solutions promise great potential for the relief of carers and the improvement of the quality of life of those requiring nursing care. In the last few years there have been numerous activities focused on the development of technical support systems for nursing. Until now however, these systems have scarcely been applied. The application of technology in selected fields of acute care will be examined within the framework of the Freiburg Nursing Practice Centre, and the transfer of technical support systems in nursing practice encouraged. New nursing technologies will be applied in the following areas:

  • Noise levels in intensive care wards
  • Pressure sore prophylaxis
  • Patients with dementia in acute care clinics
  • Project duration -
  • Research theme Society, Health, Sustainability
  • Research Institute Care & Technology Lab

Sub-project: innovation transfer for new nursing technologies

The Institute of Human-Technology-Participation (IMTT) at Furtwangen University is the interface between technically oriented research areas (technical planning, man-machine interaction, technical consulting) and industrial technology suppliers, working on research areas which support the innovation transfer of nursing technologies to healthcare practice. In addition, HFU accompanies the setting up of innovation management structures in the PPZ Freiburg and the development of training and professional development concepts.

The IMTT will also be involved in project work in the specific case of "Patients with dementia in the acute care clinic", working on the development and evaluation of intervention in the technically-supported care of patients with dementia.

Project partners

University Hospital Freiburg (Project leader)
University of  Freiburg
Furtwangen University
FIVE Association for Research and Innovation at the Protestant University of Applied Sciences Freiburg


The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) under the "Man-machine interaction: bringing technology to the people" research programme (Reference code: 16SV7887).

PPZ Freiburg (I10323-1)
PPZ Freiburg (I10323-2)
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