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Connected health in Medical Mountains - the innovation and transfer partnership of Furtwangen University

CoHMed goes into the next phase – funding for 2021 to 2024 confirmed

Furtwangen University is one of 10 universities of applied sciences in Germany which has been receiving funding within the framework of the „Starke Fachhochschulen – Impuls für die Region“ ("Strong Universities of Applied Sciences - Impulse for the Region") funding programme of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

The project has recently been evaluated and considered convincing enough to be extended. The BMBF will fund the CoHMed partnership with approximately €5m in total for a further four years until 2024. CoHMed owes its success to the partners in the network – currently 15 professors and 28 companies, as well as many other research and network partners. And the partnership will continue to grow.

Medical technology research at HFU is funded by the CoHMed project. The goal is to support companies in the region in the development of innovative products and to strengthen the area as a research and academic hub. The CoHMed research projects deal with the megatrends of medical technology, such as miniaturisation, biologicalisation, digitalisation and new materials, and future-oriented applications are developed. During the extension phase, the new theme of individualisation will be added. The focus of the research will be on the individual and patient-specific adjustment of diagnostic and therapeutic measures. An interface project will involve the implementation of the EU Regulations on Medical Devices (MDR).

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CoHMed in numbers

4 + 4 years project duration since 2017
6 + 5m Euros (rounded off) in funding from BMBF
4 network partners: TechnologyMountains e.V., MedicalMountains GmbH, Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg Chamber of Commerce, Friends of University Campus Tuttlingen Association
15 professors involved (first phase)
28 research partners from industry,
17 of which are SMEs (first phase)


The aim of HFU in setting up and expanding the Innovation and Transfer partnership CoHmed is the long-term funding of regional medical technology projects and thus the strengthening of regional innovation.


Health affects everybody. Medical advance is based on highly innovative medical technology. CoHMed strengthens innovative abilities through knowledge transfer and supports regional businesses in their research, development and innovation activities.


  • Provide stimulus for current medical technology research and innovative products
  • Network regional competences
  • Involve SMEs more closely in research


  • Strengthen the economy in the region
  • Strengthen research in the region
  • Patient care: gentler operations, improved instruments and implants, therapeutic support through comprehensive data evaluation


The purpose of CoHMed is to provide a bridge between Furtwangen University and regional business. CoHMed's partners are innovative businesses which are willing to cooperate. Communication takes place mainly over the network partner Medical- und TechnologyMountains. Regional economic institutes are part of the network. CoHMed is based in the Innovation and Research Centre in Tuttlingen, which is also a partner in the area of research infrastructure and entrepreneurship.

Stimulus projects

Partners from science and industry decided jointly on the relevant fields of research (=stimulus projects - IPs). Within the stimulus projects various types of research will be carried out.

IP1 IntelliMed: Intelligent medical Instruments

IntelliMed addresses a core area of medical technology: the development of intelligent, autonomous and multifunctional system solutions. Fields of research look at new methods of healing wounds, implantable actuators, light injection in endoscopes and data fusion during operations.

IP2 FunktioMed: Functional Surfaces and Biocompatibility

The structure and functionality of surfaces are extremely important in medical technology applications, e.g. in connection with the ability to sterilise devices used for patients. The focus of the research is the manufacture of surfaces in medical technology which have innovative properties and evaluation of the biological properties of surfaces.

IP3 HybriMed: Hybrid Materials and hybrid Finishing for Medical Technology

This stimulus project involves innovative finishing processes such as additive manufacturing with high-precision hybrid processing of materials, e.g. for implant technologies, and with new methods of testing innovative medical products.

IP4 DigiMedFertigung: Digitalisation of Medical Technology Production

Model-based dental workflow, virtual manufacturing assistants and digitalised ECM processes are the focus of the 4th stimulus project.

IP5 DigiMedOP: Digitalisation of Operations

The digitalisation of operations deals with individual physiological reactions during an operation and with model-based vascular reconstruction.

Joint projects University/SMEs

The joint projects between the University and SMEs deal with the R&D and innovation issues that concern regional SMEs, and further develop the cooperation between companies and the HFU research institutes. Current projects deal with the following areas: an automated test of cleanliness, memory shape materials, optimised stainless steel, an advanced toxicity text, torque control, a microfluidics platform and an endoscopic video module.

Further information can be found under cohmed.hs-furtwangen.deor in the CoHMed brochure.

Project partners

HFU Professors involved:

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Anders, Industrial Technologies
  • Prof. Dr. Bahman Azarhoushang, Institute of Precision Machining
  • Prof. Dr. Paola Belloni, Institute of Technical Medicine
  • Prof. Dr. Volker Bucher, Institute for Microsystems Technology
  • Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Deigner, Institute of Precision Medicine
  • Prof. Dr. Markus Egert, Institute of Precision Medicine
  • Prof. Dr. Mike Fornefett, Industrial Technologies
  • Prof. Dr. Kurt Greinwald, Institute of Materials Science and Engineering Tuttlingen
  • Prof. Dr. Matthias Kohl, Institute of Precision Medicine
  • Prof. Dr. Ulrich Mescheder, Institute for Microsystems Technology
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stephan Messner, Industrial Technologies
  • Prof. Dr. Knut Möller, Institute of Technical Medicine
  • Prof. Dr. Hadi Mozaffari, Institute of Materials Science and Engineering Tuttlingen
  • Prof. Dr. Margareta Müller, Institute for Technical Medicine
  • Prof. Dr. Christoph Reich, Institute for Cloud Computing and IT Security

Companies, cluster initiatives and organizations involved:

  • 3D Labs, St. Georgen
  • 3T GmbH & Co. KG, Tuttlingen
  • Aesculap AG, Tuttlingen
  • ASANUS Medizintechnik GmbH, Neuhausen ob Eck
  • ATMOS MedizinTechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Lenzkirch
  • Bärhausen GmbH & Co. KG, Lauterbach
  • bredent medical GmbH & Co. KG, Senden
  • Carl Bechem GmbH, Hagen
  • Carl Zeiss Vision International GmbH, Aalen
  • Chamber of Industry and Commerce Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg, VS-Villingen
  • Clean Controlling GmbH, Emmingen-Liptingen
  • CNC-Technik Weiß GmbH, Neckartailfingen
  • Diamant-Gesellschaft Tesch GmbH, Ludwigsburg
  • econsteel GmbH, Rottweil
  • EISEN OrthoVentures GmbH, Tuttlingen
  • EMOS Technology GmbH, Illmensee
  • Friends of the University Campus Tuttlingen Association
  • Gühring KG, Albstadt
  • Hahn-Schickard-Gessellschaft für angewandte Forschung e.Vl, VS-Schwenningen
  • Henke-Sass, Wolf GmbH, Tuttlingen
  • Innovation and Research Centre of Furtwangen University, Tuttlingen
  • JENOPTIK Industrial Metrology Germany GmbH, Villingen-Schwenningen
  • Karl Leibinger Medizintechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Mühlheim/Donau
  • KARL STORZ GmbH & Co. KG, Tuttlingen
  • Kern Microtechnik GmbH, Eschenlohe
  • Kiehn Engineering Services GmbH, Seitingen-Oberflacht
  • Laborärzte Singen, Singen
  • MedicalMountains AG, Tuttlingen
  • Memetis GmbH, Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen
  • Naturwissenschaftliches und Medizinisches Institut, Reutlingen
  • Orthobion GmbH, Konstanz
  • Schwarzwald-Baar-Klinikum GmbH, VS-Villingen
  • SmartMembranes GmbH, Halle (Saale)
  • Steinbeis Transfer Institut Biotechnologie Interdisziplinäre Zahnmedizin, Stuttgart
  • TechnologyMountains e.V., Villingen-Schwenningen
  • VOMED Volzer Medizintechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Landesinnung Chirurgiemechanik Baden-Württemberg, Tuttlingen
  • Weber Instrumente GmbH & Co. KG, Emmingen-Liptingen

The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and research (BMBF) within the framework of the "FH-Impuls" funding stream of the Research at Universities of Applied Sciences Programme. (Management Project, FKZ 03FH5M1IA)

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