Biogas Digital Twin

Biogas is a versatile renewable energy source that is also suitable as a biorefinery platform for the production of further chemicals (biogas refinery). Anaerobic fermentation is also suitable as a secondary refining process stage for integration into other biorefinery concepts.

For an effective biogas process, numerous factors and technical aspects must be considered and controlled. To exploit the overall potential of biogas processes, a knowledge-based, innovative Biogas Digital Twin will be designed to support plant operators in setting the optimal operating conditions depending on substrate, environmental conditions and the plant. Furthermore, the Biogas Digital Twin will support the integration of the biogas process into new biorefinery concepts by linking it with Digital Twins or mathematical models of other process stages.


The project is funded by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Rural Areas and Consumer Protection as part of the "Sustainable Bioeconomy as an Innovation Engine for Rural Areas" programme.

Biogas DT (I26967-1)
Biogas DT (I26967-2)

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